Ibis Kitchen

Picture this: you’re travelling, you’re staying at a hotel, you’re feeling hungry and you’re thinking of where to go to eat. Look no further, when it comes to eating at your hotel’s restaurant, the Ibis Kitchen is a game changer.
Located on Grenfell Street, the Ibis Kitchen is paving the way for changing the way you think about “eating in your own backyard.” Contemporary and sleek with black leather couches and glossy black and white furnishings, the Ibis Kitchen is bringing sexy back.


The menu is like the United Nations of food with Korean, Mexican and Filipino to tickle your taste buds. We kicked it off by sharing the Boomer Burger which has a beef and chorizo patty, lettuce, tomato, beetroot and smokey barbecue sauce. The patty was juicy and succulent with a peppery chorizo flavour. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the natural sweetness of the beetroot complimented the smokey barbecue sauce. Served with big thick cut steak chips and crispy onion rings, this meal was my jam!


The Panko Crumbed Snapper is the Japanese interpretation of fish and chips. There were six morsels of lightly crumbed fish fillets that revealed a soft, delicate centre. Sitting on a bed of wakame and white miso dressing, the subtle tang from the seaweed added plenty of depth to the dish.


Next was the Adobo Chicken Taco. I’ve never tasted anything with so much flavour! The chicken was tender and succulent, and the capsicum full of natural sweetness. The chargrilled corn added a more crunchier texture while the chipotle mayo combined all the elements together.

Carrying on the Mexican vibe, we then tried the Tatchos. What are Tatchos, you ask? Well strap yourself in. They’re nachos but instead of corn chips……wait for it…….it’s served with potato gems. What a world we live in! Leave your lactose intolerance at home for this bad boy; cheese, sour cream, beans, beef chilli, crumbled bacon and a house ketchup that was straight fiery. Bring it on home!

Have you ever had Mac & Cheese croquettes before? No? Then listen up! These crunchy little slabs of heaven stacked like a delicious game of tetris and full of tender soft pasta bound together by the creamiest of cheeses. It came served with pickled slaw for a sour crunch contrast and sriracha mayo to tie it all together.

Finally, we had one of their best sellers, the “FCK”. No, it’s not a typo, it stands for Fried Chicken Korean style. The chicken wingettes are nice and crispy on the outside with tender and succulent centres. The chicken is smothered in a spicy Korean chilli paste which has a nice kick that burns the back of your throat. It’s not too hot but it will certainly raise the temperature. Perfect for this cold weather we’re having.

There’s a common misconception that hotel food is fairly ordinary. The Ibis Kitchen bucks that trend by providing a well thought out menu that is modern and contemporary. The dishes we had were well presented and delicious, and we were surprised by the generous portion sizes. Combine that with fast, friendly service and a casual relaxed atmosphere, and you’re guaranteed a memorable experience.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 122 Grenfell St, Adelaide

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