This is a food blog written by the members of Adelaide Food Central, based on our personal experiences. Our views are not considered expert advice, they are purely based on our own personal opinions.

The reviews posted may not always be encouraging unless we have a genuinely positive experience. Conversely, any negative experience will be written accordingly. There is no intention to promote/harm any individual or establishment.

All words and photographs are created and owned by Adelaide Food Central unless otherwise stated.

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  1. DrV says:

    I have to write the same on my blog… People are going crazy ! Last week, i have been verbally attacked in an Italian restaurant in Paris because I took some pictures !

    1. Some countries are a bit funny about food photography!

      1. DrV says:

        Yes ! But no : Paris is my city. I made 300 restaurants and I never found such a crazy employee. I think he was under drugs or alcohol.
        My point is that food blogger can be dangerous 😉

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