Queen’s Head Hotel – New Menu Launch

Kermode Street is a little street in North Adelaide, where the Queen’s Head is skilfully tucked away from all the hustle and bustle that a main street brings with it. With a roomy décor that houses a front bar area, a private dining area and a more social beer garden area, the Queen’s Head can offer a little something for everyone. The music here is relaxed and offers its patrons with a beautiful, tropical ambience with its beautiful and chilled spots of entertainment and dining.

Adelaide Food Central was kindly invited back to the Queen’s Head to sample their new menu. All food and drink were provided free of charge.

First up, we had the Korean Fried Chicken Wingets with Vietnamese salad and kimchi mayonnaise. The wingets were drizzled in a sauce that provided it with the spicy tang that it possessed. Deep-fried to a beautiful crisp, the meat underneath was juicy and tasted divine. The fresh greens provided on the side served as a refreshing and pleasing cool aftertaste.

Next, we had the Beef Tartare with truffle, free-range egg and toast. The egg was cooked perfectly and upon breaking it, it oozed into the tartare to hold all the ingredients and flavours beautifully. The toast was a nice touch which created a contrast in texture with the meat. While not huge on the anchovies component, its taste was subtle in this dish. There are a lot of good flavours in this dish, along with some seriously silky smooth textures that make a lovely balance between the sharpness of the toast and the sweetness of the onions.

Then, we had the Tempura Zucchini Flower with cucumber, cherry tomato, baby char and jalapeno yoghurt. This was our favourite dish from the entrees, where the ricotta cheese blended well with the freshness of the greens on the side. This dish overall was a refreshing pleasure, with the spiciness brought by the yoghurt, which added to the excitement of this dish.

For the mains, we ordered the Housemade Corn Fritters with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, baby chard, mint, and jalapeno yoghurt. This was another favourite meal, where the patty was cooked to a wonderful crisp and the fresh greens counterbalanced well with the hot and spicy flavours. We could taste the curry powder and the fresh corn within the patty was well seasoned with mint as well.

We also had the Crispy Duck Breast with truffle risotto, house made plum jam and glaze. I love how the sweetness brought by the risotto worked well with the crispiness and juiciness of the duck meat. Similar to a pork belly, the ‘crackling’ on this duck breast was so delightful to our palates and meat was well cooked and had a burst of salivating flavours. The prominent flavour of truffle throughout the risotto was also a highlight.

Finally, we were served with the 10-Hour Smoked Beef Short Rib, confit garlic and pumpkin soubise and kasundi relish. The meat was succulent and melted off the bone. The sweetness from the pumpkin and kasundi worked well with the spicy and smoky-flavoured meat.

Of course, when Adelaide Food Central feasts, they feast all the way to the end. This means that the sweet tooth in us requires satisfaction, which is why we ordered three dishes of (orgasmically delicious) dessert.

We were first served the Spiced Ginger Cake with pear sorbet and citrus caramel. The ginger cake was super soft and spongy with a moist centre – just how a real cake ought to be! While there was a strong ginger aftertaste (as is expected for a cake with ‘ginger’ in its name), the sorbet was light and refreshing, which balanced the strong flavours out. The bite-sized pear pieces were a delicate touch that added to the subtle sweetness in this dessert.

We were delighted to see a deconstructed version of the Tiramisu, with mascarpone ice cream and coffee-soaked savoiardi biscuits. There was an obvious, strong flavour of coffee, which mixed beautifully with the coolness brought by the ice cream and the super soft and fluffy texture of the sorbet. It was interesting to see a lovely, different take on what has always been a classic dessert dish.

Finally, We tried the white Chocolate Delice, dulce de leche, crispy chocolate and pistachio baton. What it delivered in presentation delivered even more in its taste. We thoroughly enjoyed this dessert, for its crunchy biscuity bits, coupled with the smoothness brought about by the caramel and the cream. The caramel was like heaven in a droplet with sudden bursts of sweetness. It was so silky and really made this dessert stand out as a winner in our books!

Overall, our dining experience at the Queen’s Head was very enjoyable. With a wonderful and chilled atmosphere, excellent hospitality on the staff’s part, an average price range of $14-$30, and some seriously mouth-watering and tastefully delicious-looking dishes, you are in for a treat at the Queen’s Head.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 117 Kermode St, North Adelaide


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