Cremorne Hotel – New Menu Launch

Among the vibrant and bustling strip of Unley Road is The Cremorne Hotel – a classy, lavish-looking restaurant and bar that provides its guests with a multitude of options of how they’d like to spend their time in this establishment.

Adelaide Food Central was kindly invited back to try some of the meals that have recently been added to their latest lunch menu. All food and drink was provided free of charge.

For starters, we ordered the Three Cheese and Truffle Arracini Balls. These were served with salsa verda, shaved parmesan and garlic aioli on the side. This starter had a lot of flavour and was well seasoned to give it a subtle but delicious spicy tang. While a big cheese lover, parmesan is one of the types of cheese that is best enjoyed in moderation. I was pleased to see that the amount of this cheese was appropriate and did not overpower the taste of this dish.

Next, we tried three dishes from Cremorne’s Pub Grub menu.

The Crispy Chicken Burger served with chips on the side was a dreamy-looking burger that was surprisingly not too messy to eat and thus enjoy! The chicken was cooked brilliantly, with a tender, soft filling and a crispy outer layer. While not a huge fan of coleslaw, I was delighted to see that the combination of wombok slaw and pickled ginger aioli worked well in this burger. This meal would definitely go down well with a nice, refreshing glass cider or a beer on a sweltering summer day in Adelaide!

The YS1500 Pulled Pork Sliders were my favourite dish from the Pub Grub Menu. The burgers were bite-sized and had a decent portion of pulled pork in ratio with the Cremorne coleslaw and chipotle aioli, served with chips on the side. There was a lovely mix of vegetables and salad and it was an easy burger to eat, without bits falling off into a sloppy mess.

The Pulled Chicken Salad had a variety of ingredients such as bacon, chicken, quinoa, iceberg lettuce and sunflower seeds. The salad was refreshing and delicious. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, and the bacon made the salad well balanced with its subtle saltiness. It’s like the healthier version of the Chicken Caesar Salad with quinoa and sunflower seeds.

From the mains, we couldn’t look past the Yoder Smoked Pork Ribs, served with baked beans, coleslaw, and chips on the side. This meal was our favourite dish of the day, delivering in both – presentation and taste. Having not had the best experience with ribs in the past, I was a bit sceptical about this dish was going to go down with my palate. Boy, was I glad to be proven wrong by Cremorne’s pork ribs! The meat was extremely juicy and practically melted off the bone. The smoky BBQ sauce that the ribs were drizzled with was simply scrumptious, having the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Had we known it was going to be this good, we would’ve happily opted for the 1kg ribs option instead of the 500g one! I would even go as far as saying that the ribs were orgasmically delicious.

As what always happens with food blogging, our tummies were happily satisfied with all the food we tried, but we couldn’t leave this wonderful lunch service without trying some of their desserts! Cue in not one, not two, but four desserts.

The Cremorne cherry ripe ice cream sandwich with cherry ripe and vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache and toasted coconut tasted exactly how it sounds – majestic! The scoops of ice cream tasted super fresh and you could taste the freshness of the fruits in them. The biscuits that the ice cream scoops were sandwiched between reminded me of gingerbread cookies, except they were soft enough to be cut with a spoon. Combining the biscuit, ice cream, coconut and ganache was one heavenly bite that I’d like to go back and have more of.

The Mars Bar Slice with peanut butter mousse and salted caramel ice cream was another hit on our table of foodie goodies. Everything about this dessert worked well – with the crispiness from slice itself and the fluffy texture of the mousse, coupled with the coolness brought about the ice cream, this dessert was definitely a pleaser.

The Gluten Free orange and almond syrup cake served with mascarpone and roast almond ice cream was another amazing dish delivered by Cremorne Hotel. The cake was super soft and had a delicious smoked almond-y flavour to it. The ice cream complemented the warmth of the cake and the almond syrup was subtle in taste.

The Lemon Curd Tart in a glass with mascarpone, vanilla streusel, crisp meringue and blood orange sorbet was another nice dessert to end the lunch service with. While the citrus flavours in this dessert may have been a bit overpowering for my liking, the meringue itself tasted divine. It wasn’t an overly sweet dessert, which is what made me like this dessert a bit more than the others. Subtlety seems to be a beautiful factor in all the dishes that we were presented by the Cremorne Hotel.

Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the service and the range of dishes that we were kindly offered by the Cremorne Hotel. The staff was ever so friendly and made sure that we were enjoying our meal. The food was simply scrumptious, and the ambience in the Hotel was lively, bubbly and invited socialisation from all corners. This is a great spot to enjoy lunch, dinner and / or drinks either solo or with friends and family – you will be guaranteed an amazing experience at the Cremorne!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 207 Unley Rd, Unley

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