Kin Thai

Waymouth Street in the Adelaide CBD has recently become home to a number of new restaurants and bars. While there is the popular “office hub” with all the businesses the working professionals, who flock to their local favourite cafes to satisfy their lunch cravings, there is the part of Waymouth street, past Light Square, that tends to be on the quieter and more tranquil side. Nestled in this side of town is a brand new Thai restaurant called Kin Thai, which is a quaint, little restaurant that can seat up to 18 people in its cosy establishment.

Having opened with the idea that Thai people generally like to share their meals with family and friends, the name “Kin Thai” was chosen with the inviting idea to encourage people “to eat Thai food”.

Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the lunch menu at Kin Thai. All food and drink was provided free of charge.

There is ample seating available, with half the tables sectioned with a sofa-style seating, accompanied with vibrant-coloured pillows. There is lots of open space and the windows allow for a lot of natural light to seep into the restaurant, which helps us customers feel like we’re enjoying some delicious meals and drinks in a very bright and inviting environment.

For the entrees, we were served the Thai Curry Puff, which was a pastry that was filled with caramelized chicken, onion, sweet potatoes and sweet chilli sauce. I really liked how the pastry was not overly crumbly and that the ingredients mixed well with each other in a complementary fashion. Being a Thai dish, the sweetness was subtle and soothing to the palette. The sweet chilli sauce wasn’t overpowering and the chicken was cooked brilliantly.

Next, we tried the Satay Chicken, which consisted of char grilled, marinated chicken with satay sauce and cucumber relish. The chicken was super tender and practically melted off the skewer. The satay sauce was generously drizzled onto the chicken and it tasted as beautiful as it was presented to us.

Then, we were offered the Fish Cake Stack, which was topped with homemade Thai chilli sauce. While we are not big fans of fish, we like how the meat was cooked with a crispy outer layer and a soft pattie on the inside. It was also well seasoned with lemongrass. Additionally, the sizing of the serve was perfect to be enjoyed either solo or with friends.

We also had the opportunity to have the Golden Triangle, which was a pastry with sweet potato, peas, sweet corn, garlic and pepper. This was very similar to the Thai Curry Puff, but it was the vegetarian option. I really enjoyed how the pastry was, once again, not overly crumbly and the vegetables mixed with each other excellently.

From their salad menu, we were provided with the option to try the Som Tum. This salad was a very healthy option that included a range of vegetables and seafood meats such as green papaya, carrots, prawns, squids, shrimp, tomatoes, garlic, chilli, green beans, peanuts, lime juice, palm sugar. Everything tasted fresh and the drizzle with salty crab dressing added the tang to this lovely salad dish. As I said earlier, while not big on seafood, the shrimps and prawns were decent in quantity and perfect in quality, in terms of how soft the meat was.

The Grandma’s Massaman Curry was a must-try while dining at Kin Thai, being one of the signature Thai dishes. Boasting of an exquisite combination of braised beef, sweet potatoes, onions, peanuts and coconut curry sauce with tamarind and palm sugar, the curry tasted absolutely divine with a side of rice. While it was not as spicy as other Massaman curries that I have tried in the past, the burst of flavours, along with well-cooked sweet potatoes made this dish appetizing.

The Pad Thai is another classic Thai dish that seems to be a favourite among people who are fans of Thai cuisine. This was another pleasing dish, with a bunch of different ingredients such as stir-fried noodles, chicken (or your choice of meat), dried shrimp, bean sprouts, peanuts, garlic, egg, and chives in tamarind and palm sugar sauce topped with crispy egg noodles. The chicken was well seasoned and presented with a beautiful balance of tender and crispy.

For drinks, we tried the coconut smoothie and the Thai Milk Tea. The coconut smoothie was presented in a mason jar and was a decent sized drink, topped with coconut ice cream and mint leaves. It was simply refreshing and had a sweet taste that was perfect to enjoy on a fairly warm day in Adelaide.

The Thai Milk tea may not have been as exciting as the coconut smoothie, but it was a nice drink nonetheless. While it may have been a bit bland for my liking, the drink reminded me of the bubble tea that is sold in Chinatown, but without the bubbles. I found it very interesting that this drink involved a mixture of different tea leaves from Thailand, which gave it a unique and fairly pleasing taste.

While our bellies were thoroughly satisfied with the 7-course meal that we were kindly offered, we couldn’t leave Kin Thai without trying their choice of desserts.

The homemade coconut ice cream with toppings of peanuts, corn, and palm seeds tasted like little drops of heaven. The ice cream was the same as the one used for the smoothie, which was refreshing as expected. While the peanuts, corn, and palm seeds were an odd combination, it surprisingly worked to their favour with the ice cream added to the mix.

The Kin Thai Kaya Roti was served with thick syrup that consisted of coconut jam, sugar, coconut milk and eggs. Dipping the roti in the syrup was a great way to end the dining service on a sweet note. The roti tasted just as good by itself as it did with the syrup and it truly made me feel like I was in Asia, because this dish had a real home-y feel to it.

The hospitality of the staff members at Kin Thai added to the quality of our dining experience there. Our needs were well looked after, the food was promptly served in an acceptable time frame, and the food itself was simply scrumptious.

The design of this little but cute restaurant truly made us feel like we were enjoying a scrumptious home-cooked meal in the presence of good company and beautiful natural lighting.

While Kin Thai might be located closer to the edge of town, the trip there is well worth it.

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 255 Waymouth St, Adelaide

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