Redsalt Restaurant – New Summer Menu 2016

Adelaide Food Central was invited to Redsalt at Crown Plaza Adelaide to sample their new Summer menu and although we arrived on one of the rainiest days of the year so far, we can confirm that the food is delicious rain or shine.

We started the meal off with Antipasto, including various cured meats which were delicious, and Dip Platters which contained house made Baba Ghanoush, Sundried Tomato and Hummus with plenty of pitta bread. There was plenty to go round and it was a great way to get everyone talking about their favourite flavours.

For entrée we enjoyed a tasting plate made up of a collection of favourite dishes on the summer menu. We started with a shot of Gazpacho, which was light and refreshing – ideal for a hot summers day.

The Kingfish Tatare with native lime was equally light, with minimal flavouring to let the fish shine through. It was evident throughout the entire meal that the chef was focused on showcasing local South Australian produce, and she spoke with pride about the importance of sourcing local, noting particularly that all their fish was caught in SA. The dishes never felt overworked and always allowed the key ingredients to shine.

Moving onto the Smoked Heirloom Carrots and roasted carrot dip with rye crostini; it was a delicious mouthful of classic flavours and it was great to note that this dish was completely vegan. Something else Redsalt pride themselves on is being able to cater to all dietary requirements without sacrificing flavour, something evident in the food we were served.

Finally the tasting plate ended with the Crispy Pork Belly, which was crispy as promised. Seemingly a staple of most restaurants these days, and if done well we can see why, it was a crowd favourite.

Moving onto the main we sampled the Lobster and Prawn Ravioli, which was in a broth of Adelaide cherry tomato glaze and organic fine herbs. The ravioli was cooked well, and the seafood was tender as it should be but we felt the pasta could have been a little thinner. The broth however was delicious, and we happily enjoyed spoonfuls of it on its own.

We also tasted the Pan Seared Ocean Trout with organic quiona and citrus salad with lemon and pepper pearls. Again a terrific dish for summer, the fish was pink and moist inside while the skin was golden and crispy. The citrus cut through the fat of the fish well and the pears added an element of fun to the dish as they burst across the tongue.

After a pallet cleanser of Champagne and Strawberry Granita it was onto the much anticipated dessert platter. Again we were treated to miniature versions of five of their delicious desserts.

The Coconut Pana Cotta was a stand out. It was so light you could barely feel it on your tongue and the mango was the perfect addition, transporting us to a tropical paradise.

Then there was a medley of Hazelnut with a home-made Hazelnut Ice Cream, Hazelnut Cheesecake, and Hazelnut Parfait. The cheesecake was very moreish, not too heavy but very flavourful and the ice cream was very creamy, as it should be. Finally there was the Chocolate Mouse cylinder, filled with oozy caramel. It was incredible but also extremely rich and I’m not sure I could have managed any more than the miniature size that I sampled. I can guarantee, however, that any sweet tooth will not be disappointed.

A fantastic way to end the workday, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Redsalt. We suspect the only difficulty you will have when you visit is deciding which delicious things to order!

Words by Olga Winter from Little Miss Stuff

WHERE: 16 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide

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