There are many factors that people take into consideration when deciding what to eat. As a person who does Food Photography, it’s all about the looks, but how it tastes and what others think, also come into the equation. We also live in a society of convenience, and with modern technology, there’s no need to leave the house to get your favourite meal.
Tonight, Adelaide Food Central, along with other guests, were invited to FactorEatery. Brought to you by The Mlkman Co. and Yelp, the two powerhouses have joined forces to enhance the delivery experience. Mlkman brings you food from premium restaurants that don’t typically deliver, while Yelp is a review website and app that lets you find anything and everything business related. The Yelp food business ratings are visible inside the Mlkman app thus giving the user an indication of how good a restaurant or cafe is.
Tonight, we were treated to a 4 course meal from different venues as well as drinks from Hawkers Brewery and Mclaren Vale III Associates.
We started off with mini burgers from Burger Republic. The beef patties were well seasoned, and tender and succulent. The cheese was nicely melted over the patty, and the pickles added a sour component. Sometimes the simplest things in life are the best and this burger was a good example.
Next were Arancini Balls from Tony Tomatoes and Pizzas from East of Norman. The Arancini Balls were amazing. Inside the golden brown crumbed exterior were soft, cheesy balls of rice. The filling was full of flavour and I was surprised that this had been delivered. The pizza was also good. A satisfactory amount of topping over a thin biscuit like crust. Coupled with a adequately dressed salad, it made the perfect main.
Finally, we had dessert from St Louis Ice Cream. Not sure of the flavour name but it was vanilla ice cream mixed with white chocolate and caramel. The texture was smooth and creamy with the odd flavour burst from the chocolate and caramel. I loved it so much, I had seconds!
Food delivery has certainly come a long way, and we were fortunate enough to sample some of the food on offer that can be ordered through the Mlkman app. With Yelp ratings integrated into the app, users have a more accurate indication of what a food business is like. Download both the Mlkman and Yelp apps today. You won’t be disappointed!

WHERE: 87 Gibson St, Bowden


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