Chobani Charged

Chobani has been around for over 10 years and is the number one selling yoghurt brand in America. Live and active cultures are combined with whole milk and is then strained. It takes 3 cups of milk to make 1 cup of Chobani which results in a thick and creamy yoghurt that is full of protein. A majority of the varieties will have a fruit layer at the base which is there for you to mix to your hearts content.


Today, Adelaide Food Central was invited to a Chobani Charged event. Unlike any event that I’ve been to, guests were treated to a relaxing 45 minute yoga session in the historic Ayers House building. To the sound of soothing music that would have been great to sleep to, we stretched and flexed, and I was using muscles that I didn’t know I had. The yoga really worked up an appetite and I was really looking forward to the food.


To one side of the room, guests were treated to a healthy superfood bar that could be combined with the delicious flavours of Chobani yoghurt. What was equally impressive were the Chobani creations; dishes that were made with Chobani yoghurt. I started off with the Chobani yoghurt shake. A lovely thick, creamy shake with real yoghurt and fruit flavours!


Next was the Quiche with crispy bacon, mushrooms and a side of Chobani yoghurt. Let me just say that the crispy bacon was simply amazing and I could have had a plate full of that. The quiche was soft and delicate, and the mushrooms were lightly fried with good flavour. The dollop of Chobani yoghurt was a real surprise, and it did well in combining all the elements of the dish together.


For dessert, we had Chobani Yoghurt Muffins. The muffins were light, fluffy and not overly sweet. There were bits of fruit in the muffin which gave it a lovely natural sweetness. It was a great way to end the meal.

When it comes to choosing a yoghurt, Chobani really ticks all the boxes. It contains no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours, and the yoghurt is either fat free or low in fat. With every serving of Chobani yoghurt, you get double the amount of protein and it really is a great source of calcium from the three cups of milk used. It’s gluten free and kosher certified, and it’s safe for those with corn, nut and soy allergies. It’s even vegetarian friendly!

Adelaide Food Central would like to thank the Chobani team for their hospitality, yoga work out and food. The morning was about exercise and healthy eating with great tasting Chobani yoghurt. The Chobani team is out and about in Adelaide for the next fortnight giving away free Chobani yoghurt, but if all else fails, the delicious yoghurt is available at all major supermarkets.

WHERE: Ayers House, 288 North Tce, Adelaide




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