Coconut Estate Eatery

Located just minutes from the CBD on O’Connell Street, Coconut Estate Eatery is a perfect addition to the classy atmosphere of North Adelaide. Apart from Tuesdays, this gorgeous restaurant and its inviting setting is open every day for exquisite brunch and flavourful coffees.

You enter at a beautiful and refreshing open shop front with big windows and natural lighting. There are an abundance of pink flowers decorating the walls and tables, and chić art allows the restaurant to feel high-fashion and natural at the same time.

Coconut Estate Eatery is known for its incredibly beautiful and colourful dishes, which are presented delicately on white and pastel-coloured plates. The expansive menu offers both sweet and savoury food, which means there is something delicious available for every craving.

Everything on the menu has been practised to perfection, so even the coffees and other hot drinks look absolutely stunning. The Glam Latte takes an elegant twist on your everyday latte, serving it in a cocktail glass and decorating it with rose petals and gold flakes. The Turkish Delight Hot Chocolate is like nothing ever made before, tasting like an incredibly sweet Turkish delight with the feel and sensation of a hot chocolate. The drink is bright pink, which is both glamorous and fun. Decorated with hot pink, Turkish delight infused fairy floss and four pieces of Turkish delight, the drink manages to be fluffy, chewy and sweet all at once.

The Every Delicious American Ever is the perfect meal for when you cannot choose between sweet or savoury. The generous serving is plated in layers of buttermilk fried chicken, waffles, and melty triple-cheese sauce – with maple syrup on the side for self serving. It is garnished with rose petals and dried greens, which give the meal a crunch and some pops of colour! The buttermilk fried chicken is succulent, and the crispy coating is seasoned with salt and spices – allowing the meal to possess a mild kick. This pairs beautifully with the soft, fluffiness of the waffles and the creaminess of the cheese. The maple syrup melds together the sweetness and the saltiness of the meal to perfection, and soaks deeply into the waffles. The Every Delicious American Ever smells absolutely incredible, and had our mouths watering before it was even placed on the table.

The Acai Cravings Satisfied is an incredibly colourful dish with lots of pinks, purples and reds, paired with the light yellow of the banana and rose petals, and the bright green on the mint leaf garnish. The dish is layered with acai pancakes, peanut butter ganache, and blueberries and bananas. The balance of sweet and salty is executed perfectly, and eat bite delivers a whole array of flavours. Taro ice-cream sits atop the pancakes, and drips a delicious and cool flavour which soaks into the acai pancakes. Toasted museli and coconut shavings add a crunchy texture to the fluffiness of the pancakes and smoothness of the peanut butter. The tang of the raspberries compliment the meal to perfection, giving bursts of fruity flavour throughout the meal. The Acai Cravings Satisfied perfectly encapsulates what Coconut Estate Eatery is all about, from its vibrant colours and perfect presentation, to the beautiful concoction of flavour and textures, and the signature rose petals which gently decorate the dish.

The Birdzilla is one of the most deliciously wholesome and satisfying burgers I have eaten in my entire life. The burger is packed full of fresh produce, succulent grilled chicken, old-english cheese, and creamy peri-peri aioli. The burger is held together with a steak knife which allows the ingredients to sit atop each other and show off the colours of the produce. Every bite gives a perfect blend of ingredients, and the simplicity of the burger is what really makes it special. Coconut Estate Eatery has managed to find what your typical chicken burger is all about, and serves it with perfect balance and elegance for a meal that is flavourful and filling, but won’t leave you feeling heavy. Served beside the burger is a carved coconut holding delicious (super) sweet potato chips. This is a creative way of presenting the fries, keeping them warm as well as out the way of the burger so they don’t get soggy.

Simply the Best Waffles is exactly how they are described – simply the best waffles! The thick and fluffy waffles are served with fresh seasonal fruits, jaggery and cashew ice-cream and an exquisite butterscotch sauce. Caramel popcorn and caramelised coconut shavings add crunch to the dish, and compliment the butterscotch sauce. The seasonal fruits are sweet and add different textures to the meal, giving a fresh and fruity statement to compliment the decadent butterscotch sauce. Simply the Best Waffles are not overly sweet, allowing the meal to be enjoyed with the variety of flavours and a lightness which can be difficult to find in desserts. This dish is presented in a very simple and elegant manner, with the waffles and fruit placed together on one side, the ice-cream sitting beside it, and a light coating of icing sugar across the plate. The pastel-blue plate complimented the pink roses and serving jug on the plate, looking very minimal and elegant.

The Pink Frenchie is the perfect, pink dish to delight everybody who sets their eyes upon it. The thick and fluffy pieces of french toast are decorated with raspberry coulis and rose and pistachio ice-cream. Half of a caramelised banana is placed on top and decorated with seasonal fruits, mint sprigs and cookie crumbs, which add colour and crunch to the dish. The blend of the rose and pistachio ice-cream is an incredible combination, and with the french toast you get an almost vanilla-rose taste. The Pink Frenchie is an extravagantly presented dish, with beautiful colours and incredible sweet smells. The pairing of light and fluffy french toast with the smooth sweetness of the seasonal fruit is absolutely sensational, and the mint adds a cool and refreshing touch.

Every dish at Coconut Estate Eatery explores an array of flavours and textures. It screams “high quality” and a practiced palate to create such sensational pairings. There is something for everybody, and you won’t be disappointed with the extremely generous servings.

With summer coming up, Coconut Estate Eatery is the perfect place to come with friends and family, as the open and airy interior will refresh and invigorate you on even the hottest days. Try one of their delicious meals, and find yourself coming back again for more – as I sure will be doing!

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 5/11 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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