Hotel Longtime – New Menu – September 2019

Just like spring has sprung, these rich and colourful dishes from Hotel Longtime have surfaced in full bloom. Their new head chef from Thailand joined the team only a couple months ago and we can already taste the twist of Thai in their dishes. Alex Fahey and Tin Chu are the amazing couple behind this proudly owned establishment on Grote Street. Alex was a carpenter and had designed and built the eccentric yet electrifying space before filling the roll of bartender slash barrista for their restaurant. Tin, who has an accounting background works more so ‘behind the scenes’ and this includes deciding on what to put on the menu. This season, the public will have something to look forward to as they are reintroducing Tin’s Vietnamese roots with a twist of Thai in some of the dishes.

Alex mentioned that this will change occasionally, to keep it interesting and people coming back for more. He also likes to note that their menu isn’t just party food for large groups but can be customised for a table of two or individual diners that are happy to choose and enjoy a staple meal on their own. Of course, this includes gluten free, vegetarian or vegan options. Alex loved the fact, as quoted by him, that they are trying to bring out the tackyness yet classy meals that caters to everyone. We had the opportunity to taste some of the old and new dishes on the menu. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the most craved entree in Adelaide;

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls – Using only American cheese, American pickles and American mustard and ketchup. They wanted to re-create this ‘deconstructed’ cheeseburger to be as close as possible to the real taste by using only selected ingredients. From the crunch of the first bite to the melted cheese, it’s game over. You are hooked and you won’t be able to stop. It tastes exactly like a cheeseburger but with the bonus of a crunch! Every bite was precious.

Kingfish Sashimi – This dish came out and exceeded our expectations straight away with their presentation. Rolled up like sushi, the kingfish sashimi has stuffing inside including the sour herbs slaw, coconut, crushed peanuts all mixed in with their thinly sliced red chilli and green nahm Jim sauce. Your mouth explodes with so much texture and flavour, and we can definitely tell you, this is a ‘must have’ dish to order. Even for the non spicy eaters, give this a try as a fun challenge! You won’t regret it. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Beef Carpaccio – With a slightly thicker cut and size for generous portions, topped with radish, Vietnamese mints, crushed rice and peanuts. The carpaccio is covered in beautiful nuoc cham, this famous concoction of Vietnamese dipping sauce that consist of chilli, lemongrass, lime juice, is also another dish we highly recommend. Beautiful, soft texture with tasty flavour.

Crispy Eggplant – Stacked like waffles, these thinly sliced eggplants came out crispy and drizzled with sticky szechuan sauce and garnished with a generous amount of fried shallots. Sezchuan is generally spicy but this right here was the sticky and sweet version of it. Balanced well with the taste of eggplant, this was my old time favourite and even a great option for kids.

Crispy Pork – Comes on a bed of pickled shredded papaya, grated green apple and fragrant herbs. You’d think this is just another pork belly dish, and yet, It’s something I’ve never had before. They use pork hock and slow cook it with muster stock. The meat is then broken down, just like what you get with pulled pork and it doesn’t stop there, they then compress it and fry the now square looking pork hock to the extent where it’s crunchy on the outside yet still so tender on the inside. Definitely a lot of process happening there. What a mind blowing dish for sure.

Another favourite of ours; Spicy Crispy Beef – Now don’t get put off by the word ‘spicy’ because we can assure you, this gluten free dish is well balanced even for the faint of heart. It consists of deep fried crispy beef piled on a mountain of green papaya salad, ginger and sesame. Healthy and very satisfying. What more could you want?

Atlantic Salmon Curry – First of all it comes with salmon and asparagus, a combination that already wins our hearts over. Ingredients such as turmeric, coconut cream, basil, garlic shoots were also used to create the aroma and texture that we yearn for in a Thai inspired dish. If you wish, you can order a side of rice to complement the dish. I know I would! Such beautiful pairing. Especially with a glass of red wine that they offer from South Australian wineries such as Alpha Box & Dice Grenache, Palmetto Shiraz or if you like a Rose, a glass from Hustle and Vine will definitely do the trick. There are more choices but these mentioned are the only ones by glass at this stage.

Last but not least, it’s the new addition to the menu, DIY Chicken Lard – Definitely a fusion twist of Thai and Vietnamese. Comes with the traditional minced chicken salad ala Thai, toasted rice and herbs with lettuce leaves. Along with the condiments such as peanuts, fried shallots, coriander and mint leaves, this is an easy DIY dish that is fun to share as an entree or an add on to your main meal.

They now only have one dessert and one dessert is all you need when it’s everybody’s favourite. We reckon you can guess it easily. Yes, their Deep Fried Ice Cream with Caramel sauce. Our world is complete now!

Hotel Longtime is easily one of our favourite restaurants when hanging out with friends and relatives. Their wonderful food and beverages are just marvellous. Don’t forget, their signature cocktail called, The Fairy Floss Cocktail is definitely a crowd pleaser and something we all need to try and experience at least once in our lives.

Opens for lunch from 12pm Friday & Saturday and closes late depending on the crowd. They also offer live DJ entertainment on those days. Please note that they close Sunday and Monday and only open from 4pm on Tuesday to Thursday. We can safely say we will hold this beautiful memory enjoying our experience here for a very long time (no pun intended).

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 110 Grote St, Adelaide


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