Marino Meat and Food Store – New Renovation Launch

The newly refurbished Marino Meat and Food Store had us all captivated with oohhs and ahhs as we admired the flash and classy look of the store. The black and white tiles caught our eyes the moment we stepped into the establishment. As you enter via Gouger Street, the neat and well structured shelves on your right makes it easier for customers to browse and find what they are looking. With choices of imported pasta such as tagliatelle or pappardelle to jars of gherkins, sliced chilli in sunflower oil or pickled eggplant, they have the type of selection that would remind you of Italy. Some are familiar, some are a little different such as the jar of snails in brine, complete with the shells.

We were greeted by the wonderful Claudio who played the accordion, oh how this took us back to our own memories of Italy. Maria Dalas from Dalas and Lexi, the store’s Public Relation, came to welcome us. She mentioned how she wanted the exclusive launch to be intimate with some old school instrument playing in the background. In no time we were offered some aperol spritz then made our way around the store doing what we do best; taking photos and admiring all the fresh local South Australian meat. Wild boar and venison sausages, chicken involtini and alfresco burger patties are just a few of the many fresh meats offered which you can clearly see behind the glass display window. Some cold cuts such as salami, porchetta and prosciutto were also spotted. But why stop there, right? There were also hanging legs of pig and fish above to showcase their magnificent meats!

What we loved the most was when we found out that they make their fresh pasta onsite, this includes spaghetti, fettuccine, egg casarecce and even gnocchi. All under the supervision of Chef Davide Burna.

We moved along when we saw a marvellous grazing table of delectable cold cuts which included different types of olives, grissinis, and cheese. Just when we thought we were so spoilt already, out came the porcetta rolls. Freshly made by the efficient and friendly staff who ensured that each and every roll had some crackling on top. I just had to grab the one with the most crackling before anybody else could! It was an instantly satisfying treat.

While everyone started to mingle, Riccardo, whom caried on the legacy from his parents to be the proud owner of the store, prepared for his speech. Expressed with such sincerity and gratitude, he thanked everyone involved in the refurbishment including his family and his wife Katrina. He continued to voice how much he owed it to Claudio (yes, the accordion player!) who actually helped him and mentored him ever since he was 12 years old! From teaching him how to be a butcher and now a businessman.

Our visit ended with a beautiful dose of homemade cannolis and guess what, they also do have gluten free ones. They came with chocolate or vanilla flavours, and as we parted ways we got to take home some freshly handmade spaghetti goodie bags. We are very excited to create something fabulous with this spaghetti at home and share with you all. We wish Riccardo and Katrina the very best in their new endeavour and we cannot wait to come back for more porchetta rolls, cannolis and maybe a little jar of snails in brine.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 52 Gouger St, Adelaide


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