Bond & Lane Canteen – RSPCA’s Choose Wisely Campaign

In support of the RSPCA’S Choose Wisely Campaign, Adelaide Food Central were invited to Bond and Lane Canteen for a fantastic brunch. Choose Wisely is all about choosing to eat in restaurants/cafés/bars/etc that serve humane food. The RSPCA started this campaign to highlight the importance of supporting businesses that care about farm animal welfare and put humane food on their menus. Humane food is produced entirely with the wellbeing of farm animals in mind, with the animals raised in environments that allow them to live normally and in their natural behaviours. The production standards on higher welfare farms go above and beyond in caring for their animals and do so much to ensure that they are raised with huge consideration for their needs. The RSPCA encourages businesses and consumers to Choose Wisely with their food and have the chance to make a huge difference to the lives of farm animals.

Bond and Lane Canteen are proud to be a part of the Choose Wisely Campaign and serve humane food all the way. This means that all of the eggs they use in their meals, cakes and sauces are cage free as well as all the chicken and pork products they use come from higher welfare farming systems. The owner, Lou, strives for the food she serves to be “big on local” and loves to promote the people who provide food for her business. From using SA owned businesses and even her own recipes, Lou takes pride in choosing local and of course, choosing wisely.

Bond and Lane Canteen is a place full of character and atmosphere. Homey, rustic and reminiscent of the old days, Bond and Lane Canteen is open and welcoming. Artwork from local artists decorates the walls, luscious plants make the rooms feel roomy and bright. The food, coffee and drinks are something to be experienced to believe.

Potato, Quinoa & Rosemary Rosti served with scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach & bacon

This dish was certainly one of our favourites and something we savoured throughout the whole sitting! Fluffy and lush scrambled eggs are topped with a crispy and delicate potato rosti and juicy crisp bacon. The rosti is herby and buttery, contrasting well with the creamy eggs. The bacon is perfectly crisp whilst the spinach is salty and full of green goodness. The bacon and spinach are welcomed accompaniments as they bring colour and texture to the dish.

Buttermilk Pancakes with maple butter

Pancakes are always an ultimate breakfast and brunch favourite, and these definitely did not disappoint! A perfect stack of three deliciously fluffy pancakes are topped with two generous slabs of sweet homemade maple butter and drenched in maple syrup. Pancakes were always my favourite breakfast and a kid, so this stack of perfection revitalized those exciting childhood memories! Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, or just those who want to start their day off the right way!

Toasty Avo – smashed avocado on sourdough toast with smokey grilled corn, feta, coriander & lime (with added poached egg)

Another breakfast favourite but with exciting twists. The sourdough toast was buttery and crisp, paired beautifully with the soft and nutty avocado and runny poached egg. The crumbly feta made the dish excel with an added tangy taste along with a sweet and smokey taste from the corn. A fantastic option for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, this dish is set to wow with the unexpected flavours and textures.

Green Goodness Bowl – seasonal greens, avocado, quinoa, hummus, homemade dukkah, kraut-chi & lime (with added poached egg)

For those after something a little healthier, the Green Goodness Bowl has you covered! Loaded with fresh seasonal greens that are dressed wonderfully with the dukkah spices, creamy hummus and zesty lime, this bowl is very true to its name. The pickled, sour taste of the kraut-chi brings in a new element to the already loaded flavour of the dish. The added texture and flavour of the soft egg counteracts and works well with the sharp tastes from the greens and spices. A dish to feel refreshed and revitalized over, this one has it all.

BRAT – bacon, rocket, avocado, tomato & creamy mayo in a ciabatta roll

The BRAT was so brilliantly served we didn’t want to ruin it! Cut in two, piled on top of one another and then a steak knife through the middle certainly makes this a statement dish. A play on the classic BLT, the BRAT is a play of flavour and texture. The bacon is, as always, crispy and works wonderfully with the peppery rocket and creamy mayo. Hearty and juicy slices of tomato add a touch of freshness in contrast to the rich creaminess of the avocado, making the whole sandwich come together in a symphony of flavour. Great to eat in or to take away, the BRAT is a must-try!

Bond and Lane Canteen has been supporting the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely Campaign for years and are a proud representative of what the campaign stands for. They are open Monday-Friday from 7.30am-3.00pm, Saturday 8.00am-4.00pm and Sunday 8.00am-3.00pm and are located in Colonel Light Gardens. Come and visit this tucked away gem for a fantastic breakfast and amazing service from Lou and her team. We loved our visit and highly recommend Bond and Lane Canteen for your next brunch date!

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 1 Salisbury Crescent, Colonel Light Gardens


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