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The award-winning Indian restaurant Cinnamon Club exclusively invited us for a fantastic lunch at their Hyde Park restaurant. Known for their many awards, such as winning the Best Indian Restaurant in The Advertiser food awards for nearly 5 years in a row and being a finalist in many other awards of excellence it is no secret that Cinnamon Club has captured the hearts of South Australians.

They serve all types of curries for all types of tastes, such as the ever-popular butter chicken and beef vindaloo to southern delicacies like masala dosa’s and goan speciality curries. Cinnamon Club are also known for their many GF and vegetarian dishes, making it a restaurant for everyone. Their traditional Indian dishes are stunning in flavour, texture and aroma, and the beautiful décor and excellent service, there is no question as to why Cinnamon Club is the name on everyone’s lips.

Cinnamon Club currently have three dine-in or takeaway restaurants located in Hyde Park, Norwood and Henley Beach.


Papadum Roll served with Tomato Rasam Shorba

A thin and crispy shell with a hearty filling, the Papadum Roll is excellent to start your Indian feast with. With your choice of stuffing of chicken or paneer, the rolls are lightly spiced and zingy, with every bit being a burst of flavour. Topped with a layer of creamy mint sauce and chutney and then washed down with a sip of the spicy and tomato-rich flavours from the Rasam Shorba, this starter certainly warms the soul.

Cocktail Veg Samosa

A classic Indian favourite, the Samosas are light and crispy with a traditional curry taste. The coriander, garlic and ginger flavours cooked into the vegetables worked very well together. The vegetables are soft inside and contrast very well to the crispiness of the fried pastry. Dipped generously in chutney or Raita, these went down a treat!

Assorted Veg Pakora

A traditional Indian appetizer, the Pakoras are thickly seasoned in chickpea flour batter and fried until crisp and light. Tangy with onion, coriander and cooked with a selection of spices, these fried dumplings are a must have before any Indian feast.

Chicken Tikka

Another favorite, this juicy and tender chicken tikka is served fresh and hot. Baked in a clay oven called a Tandoor, these boneless spiced chicken pieces are cooked to perfection. A brilliant flamed orange colour thanks to the heavy paprika and cumin spices, chicken tikka is a classic starter for every spice lover!

Bhatti Ki Chaampe (Lamb Chops)

These succulent lamb chops have been marinated in a compound of spices and then tenderized to make perfect, tender portions that completely melt in your mouth. We could really taste hints of coriander and ginger, along with the smokey flavour from the grill. At a medium spice level, the lamb chops are easy to eat and don’t have too much of an overpowering heat to them.


Butter Chicken

Pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt are covered with a rich, tomato-based sauce. This classic Indian dish has turned into a huge Aussie favourite, and there’s no wonder why. Thick and creamy with tender chunks of smokey chicken and finished with fresh cream on top, this curry is rich and mildly spiced. Notes of cumin, ginger and coriander work very well with the creaminess of the sauce. Paired over saffron rice, this is one for everyone to enjoy.

Beef Vindaloo

The spiciest among the curries we sampled, this beef vindaloo is to be taken very seriously! With every bite comes an instant hit of strong heat and spice. The chunks of beef are tender and hearty, cooked in vinegar and fresh ginger for a sharp twist and surrounded in a spicy, dark hot sauce. Freshly chopped chili’s frame the dish and definitely let you know what you’re in for at first glance! This dish is certainly not one to miss, but definitely not one for the faint of heart.

Badami Lamb Korma

A familiar staple in households and Indian restaurants, this mild curry is fragrant and rich, like a creamy gravy flavoured with onions, ginger, garlic and almond paste. We could really taste the onions and ginger along with the punch of flavour from spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and peppercorns. The lamb itself melts in your mouth and is glazed with the terrific cream sauce. Topped with a generous sprinkle of flaked almonds for added texture, this curry is perfect spooned over a crisp garlic Naan or light papadum and a delight to eat!

Five Spice Tomato Jhal Sauce with Prawns

This curry is creamy with a strong coconut cream taste, counteracted with the citrus warmth from fresh coriander. Juicy prawns decorate the sauce and add a sweetened nutty flavour that goes brilliantly with the fresh coconut cream. With a kick from red chillies and garlic, this curry was a definite favourite of ours and one to add to your dining experience!

Mavey Aur Palak Ke Kofte

One of my favourite curries ever, these soft and chewy dumplings are made with creamy cottage cheese and spinach. The dumplings are fluffy and filled with herbs and the surprising sweetness of raisins. Served in a mild tomato-based sauce that doesn’t overpower the dumplings, this dish is an amazing accompaniment to your Indian feast as well as being a perfect vegetarian option.

Dhaba Dal

A curry commonly served at highway hotels in India, this Dhaba Dal is mildly spiced with soft lentils. Hints of cumin, cinnamon and cloves, this curry is hearty and warming with a twist of chilli. Finished with fragrant coriander and a stick of cinnamon, this curry is perfect for those sensitive to spice and for those who live for their spice. We loved this curry spooned on a warm Naan and a dollop of creamy Raita.


Apricot & Pistachio Kulfi

This traditional Indian homemade ice cream is dense and creamy. Sweetened with coconut and almond flavours, this dessert refreshes the tongue and cleanses the palette after flavourful and spicy curries. Crushed pistachios were embedded and mixed into the Kulfi, adding an unreal texture to this heavy ice cream’s smooth and creamy one. This Kulfi was a beautiful shade of pale green and drizzled with a tart berry sauce.

Gulab Jamun

Irresistibly sweet, this dessert is spectacular after an Indian feast. Warm and gooey dumplings are coated in sweet rose syrup. The dumplings are reminiscent of a sweet hot doughnut that melts like butter in your mouth. A sweetness overload comes with the rose syrup. Paired beautifully with a sweet rice pudding known as Phirnee, which is dense, creamy and hits all the right sweet spots, we would say that this was a true highlight of our meal!

All three of the Cinnamon Club locations are open for lunch from 12pm-2.30pm, and then for dinner from 5pm-9.30pm. These award-winning restaurants truly live up to their achievements and provided an excellent banquet for us. We look forward to visiting Cinnamon Club again very soon!

Words by Kitty Barr


  • 179 King William Rd, Hyde Park
  • 17 Henley Beach Rd, Henley Beach South
  • 211 The Parade, Norwood

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