The British Hotel – New Summer Menu

One of the oldest pubs in Adelaide has been revitalised with a brand-new summer menu from their new head chef, Chester Cheung. The British Hotel in North Adelaide has been pulling pints and entertaining since 1838. With broad wooden beams and open brick walls making the atmosphere cozy and welcoming, this traditional British pub is uniquely charming and brings a sense of nostalgia. As I was born and raised in a small town in England, The British Hotel brought back so many fond memories of my hometown and its comforts.

With over ten beers on tap, foreign import beers and an extensive wine list, The British Hotel certainly has a drink to suit everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re accompanying a wine with your choice of dish, or simply dropping by to have a pint with your mates, The British Hotel has you covered!

The menu that head chef Chester Cheung has curated brings a refreshing twist on British classics as well as dishes that perfectly present his cooking style. Since arriving in Australia from Hong Kong when he was 17, Chester has worked up the ranks to end up producing a delectable menu that satisfies all the senses. From working previously as apprentice Chef for Bethany Finn, Chester said that his eyes have been opened to local fresh food and “seeing how you can incorporate international techniques with fresh local flavours”. Adelaide Food Central were invited to sample some of his signature dishes and experience the bright and fresh new menu that The British Hotel has to offer.


Twice Cooked Chicken Wings with cabbage slaw served with hot Korean dipping sauce.

These beautifully crispy but tender wings are a modern take on a classic starter, with every bite being a flavour sensation. The herby coating gives a crunch with every bite, whilst the hot sauce adds a spicy kick to die for.

Gin Cured Kingfish Sashimi with ginger soy dressing, avocado yogurt, salmon roe and sorrels & horseradish furikake.

Delicately presented, the Sashimi starter is nothing less of perfection. The gin-cured Kingfish has a silky-smooth texture and brings with it refreshing citrus notes. The avocado yogurt is creamy, complementing the cool burst of the fresh salmon roe. The whole dish blends together beautifully and truly is a perfect way to start a meal.

Duck Terrine with cornichons & sourdough.

Perfect to share or to devour by one’s self, the duck terrine is another classic starter brought to life by the new head chef. Salty and flavoursome, the terrine works well with a glass of red or even a beer to start off.

Grilled Octopus with almond tarator, rocket and lime relish.

This starter is nutty and rich with excellent bursts of flavours and textures. The octopus is fresh and cooked to perfection, complementing the bed of almond tarator underneath. Mandarin slices frame the dish and add a refreshing citrus twist. An imaginative and creative starter, certainly not one to miss.


Pan Fried Gnocchi with corn, zucchini, asparagus in a lemon thyme butter & truffle verjuice dressing.

A true favourite, the pan-fried gnocchi defies logic and brings an almost unreal taste and texture. The gnocchi is fluffy and soft, as if made from a cloud. Complemented wonderfully by the sweet corn and zucchini and richened with the lemon thyme butter and truffle dressing, this dish isn’t something to be easily forgotten.

Grilled SA King Prawns with garlic butter, saffron rice & celeriac remoulade.

Plump and juicy, these King Prawns surely live up to their name. Made creamy and soft with the garlic butter and celeriac remoulade, the prawns are an absolute delight. We could really taste the smoky chargrill flavour on the prawns but still be able to make out the fabulous herby citrus taste from the celeriac remoulade. With the addition of the saffron rice, this dish is filling but still leaves you wanting more.

Chargrilled Kangaroo Fillet with roasted broccolini, chestnuts and chimichurri sauce.

A generous serve of luscious kangaroo fillet is served on a bed of slightly tender broccolini and finished with a dash of warm chestnuts. The meat is so tender that it could have been cut with a spoon and the spicy sweetness of the chimichurri sauce is a delight to experience. Juicy, flavoursome and a true blue Aussie dish, what’s not to love?

Beef & Mushroom Guinness Pie with pea mash, tomato chutney & red wine jus.

Chester has added an amazing modern twist into this traditional British pub favourite. The pie is presented well and definitely does not disappoint. The filling inside is hearty and tender whilst the pastry is crisp and delicate. Paired with the pea mash, a nice spin on English mushy peas, and the spritely sour taste from the tomato chutney, this take on an old classic is a favourite all year round.

Blue Swimmer Crab Spaghetti with shallots, chili, garlic & parsley in a lemon infused butter sauce.

With just the right amount of sauce and a fresh zing of spice and citrus, this pasta dish has won the key to our hearts! We could really taste the creamy garlic coming through the butter sauce and the fresh, juicy chunks of crab. The chili is a sneaky surprise welcomed after every mouthful and kept us diving in for more.


Pavlova with summer fruit, rosewater cream and meringue.

Another modern twist on a classic, Chester’s take on the pavlova is both traditional and brilliantly innovative. Covered in fresh mango and berries, the sweet meringue is screaming summer. This dessert is refreshing, aromatic and cleanses the palette after a meal.

Matcha and ricotta cheesecake with almond crumble, fresh strawberries and ice cream.

This dessert follows the trend of deconstructed food in a way that almost looks too good to eat. Indulgent and creamy vanilla ice cream on a spread of crunchy and sweet almond crumble, with the matcha and ricotta cheesecake piped beautifully to the side. We could really taste the bitterness of the matcha which is then complemented well with the sweetness of the fresh strawberries.

Dark chocolate tart with chocolate mousse, strawberries and hazelnuts.

Who says no to chocolate? This rich dessert has been crafted especially for chocoholics! There are three mini dark chocolate tarts that are graciously adorned by a garden of cream, nuts, berries and edible flowers. So dense and creamy, this dessert is truly a masterpiece to witness and taste.

Chef Chester Cheung has truly treated us to his brilliant and creative new menu that has certainly got us buzzing and desperately wanting more. From his innovative takes on old classics, to his signature style dishes, this bright new menu has got Adelaide talking. We truly loved our visit and can’t wait to come back!

Located on Finniss Street in North Adelaide, The British Hotel is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Sunday from 12pm to 12am.

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 58 Finniss St, North Adelaide


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