La Bonne Table – New Luncheonette Menu

Nestled in the quieter corner of Adelaide is a fine dining restaurant and bar that is well known to its locals by the name La Bonne Table. Translated to mean “the good table”, La Bonne Table aims to provide its customers with a relaxed experience, where it blends a beautiful mix of rustic, vintage furniture with classy-looking dishes.

La Bonne Table has a beautiful fusion of Asian and Western elements – both in their food as well as their décor, thanks to their owners who are of Korean origin and have decided to set up a business in the heart of Adelaide CBD. Having set up in an urban style, industrial looking warehouse, La Bonne Table has made excellent use of its space by adding little details such as nautical-themed ropes, vintage pictures from years past, and lots of natural lighting that seeps through the exposed ceilings and brings life in every nook and cranny.

Adelaide Food Central was kindly invited to sample their new luncheonette menu that was launched by La Bonne Table recently. All food and drink was provided free of charge.

For drinks, we couldn’t resist looking past the Veneziano Martini with espresso, vanilla vodka, butterscotch, Frangelico and Kahlua. As fellow martini lovers, this drink was a fantastic choice that provided us with a very smooth and creamy texture. It had just the right amount of coffee to provide the necessary caffeine hit and also help us feel the buzz in the best manner possible.

For food, we ordered the Cheese Burger with roasted onion chutney and Asian slaw. This was one of my favourite dishes, where the meat was cooked perfectly and the sweetness brought about by the chutney made this burger delectable and enjoyable. While it looked like a small serve for its price, it definitely hit the right spot, in terms of satisfying the burger lover in me. The Asian slaw was so delicious and was oozing with a strong aroma (and taste) of coriander, coupled with fresh greens.

Next, we were served the Cajun Chicken Waldorf Salad with honey mustard. This was another successful dish, where the chicken was cooked to a beautiful crisp and was well seasoned with the right amount and types of herbs. The meat was tender and juicy, which mixed well with the freshness from the salad. When I think of salads, I normally think of the boring mix of a number of leafy vegetables. This is why I was pleasantly surprised to see that the salad contained actual vegetables such as celery and even had a mix of nuts, which added to the crunchiness factor of a seemingly ordinary dish.

After this, we tried the Pearl Barley and Kimchi Risotto with pork bits and fried soft egg, topped with shaved Parmesan cheese. The risotto had a spicy tang to it, thanks to the Kimchi and was cooked very well. This is the perfect example of ‘East meets West’, where the Western flavours brought by the risotto blends with the Eastern spices presented by Kimchi.

We also had the opportunity to try the Rest Area Potato with bacon bits. A wonderfully simple side dish, the potatoes were nice and soft and tasted beautiful with the smokiness of the bacon bits that were mixed with it. While it may be borderline unhealthy, it was a dish we were happy to indulge in to the fullest.

To finish off a fantastic dining service, we braved our already-full tummies to try some desserts. First up was the Raspberry Cheesecake with bitter cocoa labneh and yoghurt sorbet. The cheesecake was incredibly soft and tasted really well with the chocolate slide that it was presented on. While this dessert may not have been overly sweet, it was nice enough to share with friends and enjoy in small quantities.

We also had the Matcha and Chocolate Profiteroles with white chocolate jelly and crème chantilly. The icing sugar on the buns gave it the sweetness factor, which when coupled with the jelly and the flavours from the green tea or chocolate-themed paste, was very pleasing to the sweet tooth in us.

La Bonne Table is continually changing to meet the needs of the customer while still retaining the fine dining experience. The new luncheonette menu ranges between $18-$30 which is quite reasonable for the experience you get. With a relaxed and fancy ambience, excellent hospitality and some premium quality food, La Bonne Table consistently ticks all the boxes. We can’t recommend this place enough!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: 128 Wakefield St, Adelaide

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