30 Acres – Dinner Menu

30 Acres has quickly become one of Adelaide’s favourite brunch spots and now they’re branching out with a new dinner menu available on Friday and Saturday nights. Their $65 “Feed Me” menu contains 4 courses and for every 2 diners who order the “Feed Me” menu you’ll receive a free bottle of Alpha Box & Dice wine! The 30 Acres Norwood dinner menu continues the restaurant’s ethos of using the freshest seasonal produce available – here’s a look at some of the amazing dishes on offer.

Burrata with Fermented Chilli, Fried Basil and Parsley Oil

Burrata is one of my favourite starter dishes and this one was so tasty! It had the creaminess that you hope for when slicing into it, and the fried basil is a welcome addition in both flavour and texture. The chilli came on fairly strong for me, so if you like a kick this is the dish for you!

Egg Pasta with Blue Swimmer Crab and Prawn Meat

The pasta was perfectly al dente and the amount of crab and prawn meat was very generous – none of this hunting for a piece of meat! This pasta dish is surprisingly light, but in the best way since it doesn’t fill you up so much that you can’t enjoy the other courses.

Whole Trout with Rainbow Chard and Curry Butter

This is honestly one of the softest, delicate, most buttery pieces of fish I’ve ever had – absolutely delicious! We were also taught how to cut it and peel the skin back, which in itself was a cool trick to learn.

Iceberg Lettuce Salad with Maggie Beer Bold Blue Cheese, Ciabatta Croutons and Pickled Peach

Never in my life have I had a salad that was memorable. Sure, there are some that are nice, but none that ever stick in my mind, but this is definitely a memorable salad! It was so fresh, with the genius addition of pickled peach giving a burst of fruity freshness with every mouthful. The charred ciabatta and the blue cheese gave the salad some stronger, more intense flavours amongst the crisp fruit and vegetables. I could eat this every week and not get bored!

Steak and Chips with Chimichurri Butter

From the moment this dish came to the table I was salivating – not only did it look incredible, but the smell was amazing! When we cut into it the steak was perfectly medium and melt in your mouth soft. The crispy and flavourful chips underneath are the perfect addition to an absolutely delicious cut of meat. I can’t fault this dish – even the cliched fault of “I wish there was more” doesn’t apply because the serve is plenty generous!

The Feed Me dinner menu at 30 Acres is available from 5:30pm every Friday and Saturday night.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 233 The Parade, Norwood


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