Hains & Co. – Gin 101 Masterclass

Did you know that a pint of gin was once cheaper than a pint of beer? Or that the Dutch were responsible for popularising gin as we know it today? These were just some of the amazing gin facts we learnt in our Gin 101 Masterclass at Hains & Co. Focusing on gin and rum but still boasting an impressive whisky and cigar selection, Hains & Co. has a unique ship-themed interior, superb service and a cosy vibe.

Owner Marcus (or The Admiral of this metaphorical ship) has so much passion and incredible knowledge of gin. Whilst he was teaching us about gin we were served a selection of cocktails, all using Bombay Sapphire Gin. First up we tried the Soldiers and Sailors Cocktail, which was a lemon gin fizz. Often fizz based cocktails can be overly sweet, but this one had a lovely and punchy tartness to it. Finished off with a bit of lemon peel, this cloudy yellow drink of deliciousness was the perfect start!

Following this we tried something completely different to any kind of cocktail I’ve ever had before. The Clear Waters Cocktail was a vibrant blue liquid, complete with a stripe of edible blue paint down the side of the glass. An ode to gin recipes of old, this cocktail has curdled milk in it! As strange as it sounds, it was refreshing and not at all sour. I’d highly recommend everyone tries this at least once in their life!

The third cocktail of the evening was a Classic Gin Martini. This a powerful one, with Hains & Co. using the classic recipe of 6 parts gin to 6 parts dry vermouth. One tip that was very useful is that when smelling straight gin or spirits, open your mouth while you smell. It allows you to smell the full range of botanicals without the strong scent burning your nasal passage. This martini did leave a bit of warmth in my chest….but in the best way!

Our last cocktail of the evening was made using Bombay Sapphire Bramble Gin, which is a vibrant red colour made using blackberries and raspberries. All of the cocktails were delicious, but this one was my pick of the night! The berry gin was sweet, but with just enough tartness from the raspberries. The cocktail was topped with a layer of fizzy foam – utterly delicious and so drinkable!

Hains & Co. offers Gin 101 masterclasses on the last Saturday of every month, and they are open every day of the week from 4pm – 2am.

Words by Heidi Ioannou from The Hungry Heidi

WHERE: 23 Gilbert Place, Adelaide


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