The Meat & Wine Co.

Meat and Wine – name a more iconic duo. Capitalising on this winning combination, The Meat & Wine Co. have finally launched in Adelaide, after much statewide success in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Taking up residency in heritage-listed Elder House, this fit-out is nothing short of breathtaking. Stepping through the doors, diners are transported to an other-worldly, Afro-Centric design, centered around four boma – enclosed, hut-like structures allowing for a semi-private dining experience.

Here, wine boasts an equal importance to meat; with a selection so extensive, The Meat & Wine Co. deliver on their titular promise ensuring that, whichever cut of meat is ordered, there is a wine on their menu to match.

Wagyu Tartare
One of the best tartares in Adelaide, this beautifully-balanced dish comprises a mix of finely chopped wagyu, cucumber, onion, spring onion and capers, the last of which introduces a welcome burst of tang to contrast the otherwise savouriness of the dish. Creamy and indulgent, this silkily delectable creation is served alongside four tuile-like croutons that serve as the perfect crunchy vehicle on which to slather the tartare.

One of the menu items available that reflect founder Bradley Michael’s South African heritage, these flavourful, meaty sausages are complemented by the delicate sweetness of the accompanying onion and capsicum, and garnished with a visually contrasting salsa verde. The perfect bite-sized entrée, this is a great indication of the menu’s flavour profile and what was still yet to come.

Portuguese Chicken Skewer
Dramatically and playfully presented, a charcoaled, sticky, sweet skewer dangles enticingly from a gallow-inspired implement, atop your choice of side. This showy dish, though much about the presentation, seamlessly showcases The Meat & Wine Co.’s signature secret basting sauce: a 50 year old recipe that serves to marinate, penetrate, and season all their meats, and is responsible for imparting the rich, deep flavour that is so unique to this eatery.

Slow-Cooked Pork Ribs
Falling off the bone, this is everything good ribs should be. Meaty, moist, yet slightly charred, the basting sauce is once again highlighted as it permeates and enhances the already-delicious protein. The pork is undisputedly the hero, however, and sings through this sweet, sticky, eat-with-your-hands dish. The best ribs you’ll find in Adelaide.

Monte Grain Fed Rib-Eye
Showcasing the calibre of their produce and clearly exhibiting their ability around a piece of meat, this blushing pink steak, unlike other inferior alternatives, actually tastes of beef. This grain-fed, hand-selected breed is exclusive to The Meat & Wine Co., and is so flavoursome that no sauce is even required. Juicy, savoury, and heavenly marbled throughout, when your knife glides straight through the cut of steak, you know you’re onto a winner.

Truffle Mac & Cheese
The moment this bowl of golden decadence is placed on the table, an unmistakable whiff of truffle wafts up, teasing and enticing the senses. Cheesily-topped, this mac & cheese is a rich, delectably guilty pleasure and, though presented as a side dish, would do well as a meal all on its own.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant
Their signature dessert and, upon diving in, it’s plainly obvious why. Simply plated with a quenelle of hazelnut praline ice-cream, this volcanic eruption of cocoa and chocolate is a textural delight. All desserts are freshly made to order, the results of which are apparent from the very first bite.
Straight out of the oven, consuming this dessert is like a hug for the soul. Velvet, chocolatey lava oozes from the cocoa fondant, its smoothness contrasted with crunches from the praline crumb, and the cool, nutty ice-cream providing a contrasting reprieve from the warm chocolatey cocoa. A perfect dish.

With such a versatile setup, The Meat & Wine Co. provides an ideal setting for any occasion – after work drinks, a romantic couple’s dinner, or even simply a mid-week treat. Their ethos of “gate to plate” is evident in the outstanding quality and presentation of all dishes, ensuring a wonderful dining experience that is guaranteed to fit right into Adelaide’s bustling culinary scene.

The Meat & Wine Co. is open 7 days a week from 12pm, and can be found on Currie Street in Adelaide.

Words by Anh Ngo

WHERE: 39 Currie St, Adelaide


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