Chicken n Burger

Move over KFC! Adelaide’s love affair with Korean fried chicken continues with yet another store opening on The Parade in Norwood. The +82 group bring you Chicken n Burger, a takeaway fast-food outlet that will be immensely popular.

As the name suggests, Korean fried chicken will form a major part of the menu with five different sauces available. There are three portion sizes as well as the option to choose from wings, boneless or vegan. The are two burgers on offer; the Signature Burger and the Chicken Burger, which has a hot and spicy sauce. Rounding out the menu is three K-Dogs; Classic, Ugly (has potato pieces) and Half & Half (half mozzarella).

We started off with their Signature Burger. The chicken patty was a generous size, its exterior was crunchy, while the chicken was tender and succulent. Completing the burger were pieces of lettuce, pickles, pickled onion and mayonnaise, all in a sesame seed bun.

Anyone that has been to +82 Pocha or +82 Mimi would already know that these people make exceptional Korean fried chicken. We had three different flavours; Honey Butter Cheese, Hot & Spicy and the Secret Sticky Soy. The Honey Butter Cheese flavour was different but delicious. The chicken portions were subtly sweet and smothered in a dry butter powder. It’s accompanied with a cheese sauce for dipping. The Secret Sticky Soil is garlicky and also subtly sweet. My favourite was the Hot & Spicy, which was crispy wings smothered with Korean chilli paste.

For the K-Dogs, we had the Ugly Dog and Half & Half. Both are essentially battered hot dogs on a stick that are covered in sugar and then drizzled with tomato sauce and mustard. The Ugly Dog has the addition of potato cubes, while the Half & Half is half mozzarella. The batter reminds me of eating a donut and the sweet and savoury components come together to make it work. It’s the perfect street snack.

Make sure you check out their opening weekend specials!

March 26th – Buy one get one free K-Dogs all day.

March 27th – Starting at 11:30am, the first 100 chicken burgers sold will be free.

Chicken n Burger is open daily from 11:30am till late.

WHERE: 177-193 The Parade, Norwood


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