Spaghetti Island

Gouger Street’s Spaghetti Crab has had an upgrade. Household names Lauro Siliquini and Enzo Verdino, responsible for much-loved Italian eateries Cocobello, Ruby Red Flamingo, and Tony Tomatoes – to name but a few – are back with their latest noodle-based venture Spaghetti Island.

Subscribing to their predecessors Spaghetti Meatball and, most recently, Spaghetti Crab, Island could not have planned their arrival at a better time. As overseas adventures are currently at a standstill, this self-described “holiday-vibes” venue provides a delicious alternative, right on Adelaide’s doorstep.

Palm trees, disco balls and overhanging greenery complement the aesthetically-pleasing décor, transporting diners to their delectable destination: Spaghetti Island. There are ten idyllic stops from which to choose; that is to say, there are ten current dishes on their menu. Take a stroll down to Basil Bay for some Pesto flair, or take a Spice Tour with Capers, Olives and Chilli for a more Mediterranean outing. Pop on through the Cheese Market if you are a Gorgonzola fan, before taking in a Spaghetti Sunset. Fans of the previous establishment will be delighted to discover that Spaghetti Crab is also still on the menu!

Basil Bay
This rarely-seen Liguria style pasta is sure to become a new favourite. House-made, vividly-green pesto is served with green beans and, wait for it – potato. Carb on carb – is there anything better!? The firm yet slight crumble of the potato help provide an interesting textural note against the al dente spaghetti, while also functionally aiding the sauce luxuriously cling onto each strand.

Spaghetti Crab
This bold, in-your-face dish, generous with mouthfuls of crabmeat, hits of garlic and blistered cherry tomatoes in a light tomato based sauce, is sweet, salty, and tastes of the sea. One of the original menu items that has remained for its sheer popularity with restaurant-goers.

Cheese Market
To. Die. For. Do not proceed if blue cheese is not your thing, but for all others, this was the highlight of the night. The smattering of pine nuts add a welcome and surprising crunch to each mouthful – its savoury nuttiness contrasting the rich creaminess of this Gorgonzola-based sauce, while green flecks of baby spinach are dotted throughout the sea of gold. Garnish with the optional chilli oil to introduce a layer of heat, which beautifully contradicts the smooth, decadent cheese sauce.

Presented on tiers akin to a ‘leaning tower of pasta’, these three distinctly differing bases aptly constituted the tricoloured Italian flag, which was as pleasing visually as it was to consume.

With a handful of cocktails on hand to help get you into the swing of island life, the only potentially stressful component of this holiday will be deciding which ‘destination’ to eat! But rest assured, this is one vacation you’ll want to book in again and again!

With such generous servings you will not leave hungry – just as nonna intended. Mangia mangia!

You can find Spaghetti Island in the old Spaghetti Crab site, Tuesday to Saturday from 5-9pm.

Words by Anh Ngo

WHERE: 138 Gouger St, Adelaide


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