Samurai Teppanyaki – Kobe Beef Masterclass

Originally established in Norwood, Samurai Teppanyaki has been a source of authentic and quality Japanese Cuisine in Adelaide for a number of years. It has since moved from Norwood to Hyde Park and set its roots into the community. Samurai Teppanyaki has become synonymous with the highest-grade meats around, both in Kobe Beef and Australian Wagyu.

On the 10th of October an exhibition was held by Samurai Teppanyaki to showcase Samurai’s connections with Adelaide and most importantly their mastery of the amazing Kobe Beef. The day started with demonstrations from the Matsuri Taiko Drummers and Kyushin Ryu Aikido, two groups of which the head chef, Clark Zhang, himself is a part of. The chefs of Samurai then treated us to a demonstration of the filleting of Blue Fin tuna, using a fresh 30kg tuna. Zhang explained that when preparing sashimi for a normal restaurant day that they would use a 100 kg tuna sourced from Port Lincoln. The chefs displayed great skill and expertise in their preparation of the fish which then segue into the most anticipated part of the evening, a specially prepared 4 course lunch.

To starts things off was Sashimi made from the Blue Fin Tuna that was just freshly filleted served with wasabi and soy sauce. Sashimi is always served a simply as possible to allow you to fully appreciate the soft tuna that immediately melts in your mouth. This Sashimi is a step above in just how natural and smooth it is. The Sashimi is served with a Dowie Doole C Blanc, a crisp white that zesty flavour pairs well with the Sashimi. Dowie Doole is a close partner of Samurai Teppanyaki and also supplied a red to pair with the Steaks.

Next up was what had everyone’s mouth watering. The A5 Kobe Beef served alongside G12 Australian Wagyu Tenderloin for comparison. Along with this dish was a serve of grilled Sweet Potato, Asparagus and Mushrooms as well as Wasabi and Samurai Teppanyaki’s own Kiwi Steak Sauce. Again, the focus was on maintaining the pure flavour of the meats itself. The chefs at Samurai did this with surgical precision, displaying expert technique as they cook the meat to perfection. And what a satisfying result. The Australian Wagyu Beef was tender with a rich flavour and texture yet still paled in comparison to the Kobe Beef. The marbling in the Kobe was exquisite with the meat taking on a pale quality. The effect of this marbling gives the meat a lush quality as the fat and flavour within comes through. Those who don’t like a fatty steak may be put off but those that like quality meat will be blown away.

Samurai Teppanyaki is branching out into a Ramen. Going back to where they started and opening a new store in Norwood called Kazumi Ramen. They gave us a sneak preview of what’s in store with a Waygu Beef Ramen. Now Ramen generally follows a pretty consistent formula. If you’ve had ramen before you should know what the noodles are like and the other additions. What’s most important is the broth. I’m happy to say Samurai or in this case Kazumi have also nailed this one. The broth is that perfect mix of creamy and oily that’s makes for a superb Ramen broth. I’m very excited for what else Kazumi Ramen have in store.

To finish things off was a Mango Sorbet served with Melon and Berries. Again, simplicity is the key with this dish. An aptly made dessert that complements the rest of the meal with its sweetness and still just as fresh as the other dishes.

I’ll admit that the Kobe Beef at Samurai Teppanyaki is pricey but what you’re paying for is quite possibly the best streak in all of Australia. Considering that it’s well worth the price.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 116 King William Rd, Goodwood


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  1. Oh I wish I can go out and I’m in Melbourne. Lovely write up. Did you drink champagne?

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