Uniqorn Eats

On Saturday the 29th of August, Adelaide Food Central was invited to sample the menu of the newly opened Uniqorn Eats, and we felt like kids in a candy shop (literally.)

When owners and best mates Nick and Nakita’s jobs were both impacted from COVID-19 earlier this year their brainchild Uniqorn Eats was born.

Uniqorn Eats promises fun, magical and exciting food that provides an escape from some of the harsher realities going on across the globe.

And the food is exactly that, with rainbow coloured toasties (yes you heard me right!), unicorn pancakes and candy decorated croissants, this store is everything your inner child could ever want.

All of their dishes are versatile toppings made to decorate your choice of waffles, French toast or pancakes with vegan options available for most meals!

Rainbow Cheese Toasty

Their infamous rainbow cheese toasty is unique, tasty and the perfect new photo for your next Instagram post. With Béchamel sauce acting as the cheese, this toasty pairs delicious food with an incredible presentation. So if you’re after something a little less crazy on the menu, that still looks just as good – this one is for you!

Uniqorn Stack

The Uniqorn Stack is pretty much the summary of everything I would have ordered as a kid if I were allowed to. The dish is served with mascarpone, fairy floss, fluffy marshmallows, and rainbow ice cream. However, despite all the sugar, this dish is surprisingly well balanced with four buttery pancakes making the dish an incredibly delicious creation.

Rainbow Stack

Like a rainbow cake, this incredible eye-catching stack of pancakes features the same delicious buttery pancakes in six different colours to reflect the rainbow. Served with milky and slightly sweet mascarpone and rainbow ice cream that resembles our childhood favourite Rainbow Paddle Pop!

Matcha Stack

If you’re looking for a dish that isn’t overly sweet, the matcha stack is the one for you. The dish is served with four creamy matcha pancakes with a bite of bitterness, matcha sauce, pistachios and balanced out with sweet white chocolate chips. Ideal if you’re a matcha lover or looking for something a little bit different.

Tropical Waffles

The tropical topping paired with homemade waffles is a delicious, healthy and refreshing taste cleanser for those looking for a healthier option on the menu. With a mango and pineapple salsa, sweet passionfruit syrup a refreshing key lime cream and a slightly sweet addition of white chocolate and coconut, this dish is divine.

Smores Waffles

The Smores Waffles are basically heaven for chocolate and marshmallow lovers. Served with soft pillowy marshmallows, crunchy biscuits and chocolate chips and topped with a dark chocolate fudge sauce, this dish is rich and decadent in all the best ways.

Salted Caramel Pancakes

There is no going wrong with salted caramel, at Uniqorn Eats are a testament to this. Pairing buttery pancakes with sweet caramel popcorn and salted pretzels and caramel chunks topped with a caramel mascarpone and salted caramel fudge sauce, these pancakes are sure to meet are your salted caramel cravings.

Strawberry Croissant

Uniqorn Eats have plenty of divine pastries and cakes on offer in their display cabinet. The one that caught our eye was the strawberry croissant topped with fruit loops, musk sticks, strawberry wafers, white chocolate chips and candy. The buttery croissant provides a great base for the sweet strawberry icing and reminds us of a strawberry donut. Safe to say this dish didn’t last very long and was one our favourites.

Strawberry Waffles

I’m a strong believer in saving the best to last, hence why I’ve left the Strawberry Waffles until now to write about. The dish features the same delicious waffles we tried earlier, drenched in strawberry compote and mascarpone. The dish is topped with white chocolate chips and strawberry wafers providing a satisfying crunch to your dish. Despite my belly being pretty full after this sampling, these waffles are so incredible, I had to go in for seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to Uniqorn Eats for your next sweet brunch (and of course that new Instagram shot… don’t worry we’re not telling)

Words by Meika Bottrill
WHERE: 226 Grenfell St, Adelaide



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