Concubine, located on Gouger Street is well known for their upmarket, Asian fusion authentic Chinese food. The restaurant consistently produces high quality, and flavoursome dishes that never disappoint. Concubine has always been one of my favourite restaurants so it is continually a pleasure popping in to sample their extensive menu.

As always, we feasted on what were some of the most magnificent dishes the chef has cooked us yet:

Salt and Pepper Squid with Chilli and Spring Onion
I have had a lot of salt and pepper squid in my time and this is up there with some of the best. The coating provides a slight unique twist combining both a sweet and salty combination, which leaves you wanting more. The addition of the chilli and spring onion works perfectly with the Asian inspired batter. This is a must try for all squid enthusiasts.

Deluxe Lobster and Prawn Dumplings with House-made Chilli Oil and Pork Dumpling with Black Vinegar and Chilli Oil
A new addition to the menu the lobster dumplings did not disappoint. Inside the plump outer sits a hearty and flavoursome juicy crab and lobster, a seafood lovers heaven. Each bite produces an authentic juicy flavour of seafood and soft dumpling coating. The pork dumplings a menu classic were juicy as usual. I love the spicy chilli oil that chef uses to coat the wrapping, it helps to give the pocket more intensity and adds another layer of flavour.

Roasted Duck Curry with Lychee and Pineapple
One of my all-time favourites on the menu. A mixture of spice, sugar and a bright orange curry sauce. The lycée and pineapple is what makes this curry so different to the rest. The sweet addition adds a fragrant element to the sauce, which pairs perfectly with the spicy chilli and gamey duck. Toss this with a fried rice and you have a perfect curry combination, that cannot be mistaken.

South Australia Prawns Wok Fried in Chilli, Tomato and Ginger
The prawns in this dish would be some of the plumpest and juiciest that I have ever set my eyes on. There is never any excuse for a shortage of prawns and Concubine solidly showcases this in all of their prawn dishes. The combination of chilli, tomato and ginger sauce create a tangy bang of spice. I love the addition of the green long beans and the authentic sauce coating it.

Pork Ribs Twice Cooked with Tangy BBQ Sauce
Think thick, juicy, sticky ribs. These bad boys have the meat pulling easily off their bone. The heavy, generous BBQ sauce is a star player that goes incredibly well with the pork. A great dish for those lovers of ribs and who want something with a little more substance.

Pad Thai Noodles with South Australian Prawns
An all-time favourite on every Asian menu, and Concubine does the classic superbly. Once again, the thick juicy South Australian Prawns are a highlight of the dish, incredibly fat and the flavour radiates throughout the whole noodles. I love the crunchy addition of the peanuts which gives Pad Thai its name. A sensational noodle dish, and great for those not wanting to adventure out too far.

Crispy Eggplant with Sweet Tangy Tamarind and Crispy Shallots
The unhealthiest eggplant imaginable, but the best eggplant you will ever place your lips on. A soon as you bite into the vegetable you can feel the crunchy tempura batter. You then hit the subtle eggplant and the flavour party in your mouth begins. The sugary tamarind sauce helps to give the eggplant some more depth, and you can never beat crispy shallots especially when it comes to Asian dishes.

Thank you to the team at Concubine for having us. We are always thoroughly appreciative of the service you provide, and the incredibly feeling our stomachs have in your presence.

Words by Tomika Salerno

WHERE: 132 Gouger St, Adelaide


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