Luigi Delicatessen

Beautiful food starts with a beautiful story. We were delighted to be invited to visit Luigi Delicatessen in its new location on Franklin Street in Adelaide’s CBD, which just happened to coincide on the restaurant’s sixth birthday.

We were immediately taken aback by how gorgeous the new décor was. The whole space is warm and inviting, perfect for any occasion. The owner, Luigi Di Costanzo, welcomed us and was so passionate to tell us the wonderful story behind his vision for Luigi’s. The food is focused on love and family, especially that of the fantastic Italian recipes from his late mother, Anna.

In the early years of the restaurant, Anna would insist on making her own recipes for the restaurant. Even after her passing, it is amazing to hear that Anna’s legacy remains in her delicious food at Luigi’s. There is truly love in every bite of food, with Luigi making his restaurant run just like a home kitchen. There is an interchanging menu, ensuring new and fresh dishes with every visit.

“I was born in food, it has always been my dream to have a restaurant because I love what food does for us,” said Luigi, “food brings us together, it makes us laugh, cry and argue together.”

Luigi’s brings only the best ingredients into its menu. With fresh pasta, bread and sweets made daily, what’s not to love? Luigi himself showed us the load of fresh pasta and baguettes that were made that day and ready to serve. The dessert cabinet was full of Italian favourites, such as Cannoli, Zeppole and Crostoli. There is plenty to choose from, whether you are choosing to dine in or to takeaway.

Decorating the restaurant is a sneak peek at a new development for Luigi’s – their own jarred delicatessen items. There will be olives, pickles, and even Mamma Anna’s pasta sauce ready for sale.

Here’s a look at what we enjoyed:

Breakfast Board
The perfect board to share for breakfast and brunch. Filled to the brim with favourites such as soft poached eggs, bacon, sausage, spinach, mushrooms, avocado, potato rosti, mozzarella cheese and homemade smoky baked beans. Pumpkin, beetroot puree, toasted baguette slices and a polenta slice pair with these breakfast classics perfectly. Added to this classic board is a creamy blue cheese sauce and a homemade hollandaise for dipping. There is something for every taste on Luigi’s breakfast board!

Spaghetti Crab
The most tender pieces of crab are tossed in Mamma Anna’s tomato sauce and homemade spaghetti. The sauce has a wonderful kick and is rich with flavour and the pasta is some of the best we have ever tasted. Such a perfect dish for lunch or dinner this winter.

Gnocchi Porcini
You have to try Luigi’s gnocchi! Never before have we eaten something so soft and delicious. Made fresh daily, the gnocchi is paired with a wonderful creamy mushroom sauce and fresh grated parmesan cheese. We kept going back for more!

Spaghetti Vongole
Such a fresh and filling pasta dish. A classic and very popular Italian pasta with clams, sweetened with white wine, olive oil and cherry tomatoes. We loved how simple and delicious this dish was, perfect for those wanting a light and pure taste of Southern Italy.

Cozze Pozzuoli
We couldn’t get enough of these wonderfully prepared mussels. Named after Luigi’s hometown, these mussels are light and tangy and perfect to share. Lightly peppered and served in a generous serving, perfect with a crisp glass of white wine.

Salt & Pepper Squid
Served on a bed of crisp salad, Luigi’s salt and pepper squid is perfectly seasoned and almost too easy to eat. We loved this to share along with our pasta dishes, though if we’re honest we could have devoured the whole thing by ourselves!

Sweet Thing Dessert Board
We finished our visit with a bang. The Sweet Thing is packed with classic Italian desserts such as Zeppole, Crostoli and Cannoli, all of which are homemade at Luigi’s. A slice of chocolate mud cake and raspberry cheesecake are also featured and were totally enjoyed. The whole board is finished with fresh berries, whipped cream and a chocolate sauce drizzle. Such a perfect dessert to end our Italian feast.

To experience Luigi Delicatessen yourself, you can find them on Franklin Street in the CBD. We say a huge thank you to Luigi’s for their delicious food, amazing hospitality, and for telling us their wonderful story. We hope to be back very soon.

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 43 Franklin St, Adelaide


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