Siberia – Opening Launch

With the current climate some may think it’s not a great time to start a business. However, for those with dreams and grand ideas this isn’t enough to stop their aspirations. For Serge and Elena there is no time like the present to do something special.

Introducing Siberia, the latest in dining experiences on East Terrace. Siberia aims to introduce Adelaide to the natural and wild flavours of the Russian landscape. With a focus on game meat and forest produce and herbs, Siberia looks to recreate the flavours and atmosphere of the hunter’s cottage sitting out in the Siberian tundra.

Serge and Elena invited Adelaide Food Central to come and sample the depth of their palette. Along with family, friends and community leaders, Siberia produced a feast fit for royalty. Here is just a snippet of all the dishes they had available.

Blue Boat with Roasted Eggplant, Wild Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes, Leeks and Forest Herbs with Parmigiana Truffle Cheese and Black Truffle Oil. If you want a dish that seems to have been plucked from a fairy’s garden, that embodies the flavours and textures of the wild then this is it. With a cavalcade of different zests that hit your tastebuds one after another, this is a truly unique dish.

Venison with Sweet Roast Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Carrots and a Cherry Sauce. Siberia prides itself on game meat dishes sourced from SA. Now with that in mind there is something that comes with that territory. On display along with the Venison was Suckling Pig, Duck and other dishes using game meat. Anyone with experience in game will tell you that you don’t drown these cuts in marinade or sauce or batter. Instead you apply a little bit of herbs and let the flavour of the meat leave an impression. For those that appreciate meat and appreciate game these are dishes you will love for preserving those natural flavours. For the uninitiated this will be somewhat new. The flavours are more subtle and nuanced then you would find in your more generic meat dishes. The texture and character are most defiantly there it may just take a moment to really appreciate.

One of my favourites I must mention was a Mushroom and Truffle Crepe. Something you need to keep a palette cleanser around for as if you try and eat it too quickly instead of savour it your senses do get drowned in the flavour of the wild mushrooms. This is a marvel of a savory dish. Despite being a crepe, it isn’t at all sweet or starchy. It allows for the essence of the other ingredients to come rushing forth.

And of course, we wouldn’t end this without mentioning dessert. Gorgonzola Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Melon Balls. This is another dish where I would suggest those already familiar with Gorgonzola are in for a treat otherwise if you are unfamiliar this is still an experience worth trying. You would think mixing blue cheese with ice cream wouldn’t work but I can tell you now it does. The blue cheese only comes through slightly, enough to give the creamy vanilla a bit of punch.

Adelaide is well on its way to recovery and with new business like Siberia opening up there is a lot of new adventures to go on as soon as you leave your front door. With works continuing at Lot 14, Siberia has placed to self to be the preferred hang out for many new ventures. Check it out for yourself as they have now opened their doors.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: 6 East Terrace, Adelaide


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