Robern Menz – Menz Giant FruChocs

The team at Robern Menz has decided to reward South Aussies for their spirit, in what has been a challenging time, by bringing back a much-missed treat – Menz GIANT FruChocs.

Weighing in at about four times the size of an original Menz FruChoc, this super-sized version of everyone’s favourite apricot and peach fruit centres covered in milk chocolate has been timed to return to South Australian OTR stores to commemorate World Chocolate Day (7 July); giving us free rein to consume as much cocoa goodies as we like!

Menz GIANT FruChocs were a fan favourite back in the early 2010s, but have not been widely available for nearly a decade.

Phil Sims, CEO of Robern Menz jokes, “Coffs Harbour is known for the Big Banana, Ballina has the Big Prawn and Queensland boasts a few Big Pineapples, it only makes sense for us to celebrate one of our SA icons in a big way too.

“At nearly four times the size as your usual FruChoc, you’ll have four times the reason to make an ample tribute to the best indulgence there is, eating chocolate.”

Menz GIANT FruChocs come in a 350g pack and will be available only in OTR stores in South Australia.

World Chocolate Day on Tuesday 7 July was created to encourage people all across the globe to celebrate one of the world’s oldest shared passions.



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