Twenty Third Street Distillery – The Prospects

Twenty Third Street Distillery have announced the launch of ‘The Prospects’ a range that is underpinned by creativity and curiosity. The name was inspired by the meaning of the brands lucky number 23, where the words of freedom, creativity and teamwork are used to describe the number. “It’s no coincidence we continue to live the number 23, in this instance it best described our project, driving innovation to our brand through the creative, collaborative approach of our team” says Gabrielle Millane, Assistant Brand Manager.

Twenty Third Street will launch bi-annual releases as part of the project which will cover a range of different categories and boast the quality and intrigue of their current products.

The first product released under ‘The Prospects’ is the Violet Gin. Labelled as the ‘mood ring of beverages’ the at first Blue coloured Gin transforms to a bright violet colour with the addition of tonic or highly acidic garnishes. How? They have steeped the Gin with Butterfly Pea Flower; the flower is high in pH making it reactive to acidity.

Twenty Third Street Violet Gin is a pure Australian sugarcane spirit, much like their Signature Gin. It is distilled with traditional juniper and five Australian botanicals including lemon + cinnamon myrtle, finger lime, pepper berry & native wattle seed. On the palate, layers of intriguing flavour unfold from the familiar hint of juniper through to juicy lingering zest and peppery spice.

“We wanted to create a Gin with some added theatre, in a time where people are looking for some fun, the flair of Violet Gin provides a great choice for the novice at home mixologist” says Gabrielle.

To experience the transformation simply add 30mL Violet Gin to a glass with ice and top with Tonic Water. To garnish, dehydrated orange & rosemary.

The Violet Gin will officially launch on May 23 and will be exclusive to the Distillery in Renmark, 23rd on Melbourne in North Adelaide & online via Sippify. With limited bottles available, first access is going to their Liberated Army members from late this week, join here.


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