Giniversity – Pink Gin

Margaret River Distilling Co have released a new Pink Gin to sit within its staple collection, adding to its array of premium gins that are reflective of Australia’s South West.

Inspired by juicy South West Australian summer fruits and warm days in Margaret River, this gin is light and thirst-quenching with a soft sweetness on the palate.

Master Distiller Cameron Syme said it follows the release of the distillery’s highly successful limited Pink Rose Christmas Gin.

“Our Pink Rose Christmas Gin was a huge hit, so we wanted to bring back something that our customers resonated with and got excited about,” Mr Syme said.

“While our new release is pink in hue for that elegant, fun element that our gin-drinkers enjoyed with our Pink Rose, we wanted to release a refreshed recipe that reflected the Australian summer fruits.”

Mr Syme worked meticulously with the Giniversity team to produce a light and refreshingly fruity gin with an exceptionally balanced flavour profile.

“We began with the idea of crafting a dry style of gin to showcase locally sourced Australian fruits such as Quandong, which is an essential element to the recipe,” Mr Syme said.

“Quandong brings that beautiful dryness to the palate that we were seeking.”

Other pronounced botanicals used to create a balanced flavour profile include Fig, Apple, Berries, with a Backing of Citrus.

Mr Syme said this gin was designed to be fun and playful but equally as elegant – to be enjoyed with friends for any occasion.

The Pink Gin is available via their online store, and through select retailers.


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