EPICURE + South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum has recently undergone a re-branding. With a new logo, new exhibits and new vibe, the SA Museum looks to be a difference maker in the new decade. As well as being the well of knowledge it’s always been it also looking to update it’s appearance in both what in offers visitors of the museum as well as those looking at function and venue hire.

The SA Museum has been open as hire venue for some time, with some of the largest business’s in Adelaide taking advantage of holding Christmas parties and awards ceremonies at a location with the prestige and history of the SA Museum. Working in conjunction with SA Museum is EPICURE, an elite catering company that strives to match the gravity of the Museum with quality food and service.

Epicure can design menu’s for both sit down dinners and more open affairs that need finger food and grazing tables. Whatever it is you need the quality remains the same. A high standard in not only food but presentation. Your layouts will be exquisite and food can be easily catered to particular themes. As a sample Epicure laid out a elegant seafood platter. With Prawn Sliders, Lobster Tail, Fresh Oysters, Salmon and Kingfish Sashimi, Cod Roe and other delights. This is just an example of the variety and excellence Epicure and SA Museum can provide at your next event.

If you looking for something more involved look no further than Epicure’s dinner selection. Dishes like Australian Blue Swimmer Crab Brioche Finger, Basil, Pickled Red Onion. Limestone Coast Beef Fillet, Potato Gratin, Smoked Onion Butter, Broccolini, Jus or Free Range Chicken Breast, Sweetcorn Puree, Fresh Herbs, Ginger & Shallot Oil. Again this is just a small selection of what Epicure can offer and even a smaller selection of what SA Museum can offer.

SA Museum have ongoing relationships with a number of business’s within Adelaide to provide all the extra bits and pieces for whatever your event may need. From the Australian Hiring Company, Aloha Photobooths, Tonic Events, Wild Fusion Florestry, Dave Pasco Photography, Scene Change. Through their connections as well as Epicures own distributors, SA Museum can ensure your next Wedding or Corporate event is of the highest calibre.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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