Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Michael Shafar – Getting Better

Michael Shafar is a comedian based out of Melbourne who is slowly gaining a reputation throughout Australia. Making multiple radio and TV appearances on the likes of ABC, Triple J and The Project, Shafar is climbing the ladder to be a recognisable Australian comedian.

Not everything has been easy for Shafar, his show last year, 50/50 dealt with his battle with testicular cancer. Having since won his battle he is back at this year’s Adelaide Fringe with his new show, Getting Better. Shafar’s life experiences has given him a particular outlook that he laces within his comedy. Comedy on darker subjects like Corona virus and terrorism peppers his act however his ordeals haven’t muted his ability to be funny. Topics like skinny jeans, cruise ships, jewish stereotypes, Shafar’s comedy is mostly observational. He is predominantly a story teller. He starts a number of his jokes with “I’m not sure if this is funny”, but are instead just amusing details that he’s come across. It’s in Shafar delivery and his ability to recall previous punchlines later in the show that turns the amusing into the funny.

Undoubtedly Shafar is getting better in more ways then one. His comedy is fluid, he works the crowd and switches up his jokes as need be. Shafar is performing in quite a small tent but he can still rouse the limited audience. He’s not fussed if a joke lands or not and will make reference to it if it doesn’t. This more laid back style allows him to discard what doesn’t work and run with what does.

Michael Shafar – Getting Better is performing in The Squeaker at Gluttony every night until 15th of March. Find more info here.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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