Adelaide Fringe 2020 – Aidan Jones – Taco

Aidan Jones is what I would call a larrikin comedian. His comedy is crass, in your face, and unapologetic. This style of comedy can fall flat if not in the right hands. Fortunately for Aidan Jones, known as Taco by his friends, he is holding a full house.

Aidan is honest and authentic, his mother got knocked up by a Colombian musician while backpacking. The peculiarity of these circumstances aren’t lost on Jones and he’s happy to poke fun at it at every opportunity. Whether it be his mother’s less than stellar decision making, his mixed blood and what comes from that, his emotionally distant step-dad and his even more distant biological dad. Yes, it is a very odd set of circumstances that make up Aidan’s life and he goes into all the fine details with any one willing to listen.

Aidan’s delivery is conversational in nature. Consider his show more of a group therapy session as he unloads all the trials he’s faced from trying to open up to his dad, going to Kalgoorlie, meeting his biological dad, growing up lower class but really being more middle. His act more than anything is about being out of place. He’s a half Colombian man who doesn’t know any Colombian’s, he’s feels lower class but he went to a private college, he can’t talk to his dad and maybe that’s fine.

Aidan’s brash and self-denigrating nature turns what should be more sombre topics into all-out laughs and Aidan is comfortable with it. He’s comfortable with being called Taco, he’s comfortable with not really knowing his biological dad, he’s comfortable with his life. This mentality is probably what allows Aidan to go into his jokes with no fear and plenty of energy. It’s this energy that makes this odd life story so entertaining.

Aidan Jones – Taco is performing select nights in the Parasol Lounge at Gluttony until the 14th of March. Find more info here.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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