Aces Pizza and Liquor

The newly refurbished Aces Pizza and Liquor has set us back to the ‘Goodfellas’ time with their interior and furniture designs. Definitely wowed us when we first stepped our foot inside. With booths and tall bar chairs and tables, it is easily accessible. It has such relaxing vibes for those that want to enjoy comfort food such as pizzas and different kinds of pasta. They even have light bites like Mozzarella Sticks or Rockmelon with Prosciutto, which has always been a personal favourite of mine.

It was an overcast Monday evening, but the reopening launch was fully packed. Being one of the oldest residents at the Central Market, we saw a lot of guests that came were also owners of surrounding shops, being supportive of one another. The delightful staff greeted us and were willing to go above and beyond helping us out with our table, food, wine and beer tasting. I had to say, the highlight of the night, besides the delicious food was tasting the Golden Stout Time for the very first time. It’s a dessert stout which smells like a light Guinness mix with chocolate. For people who don’t drink beer for whatever reason, this beverage could be a start! We saw that they supply the limited edition of Fruchoc beer and boy oh boy did we regret not getting any! We realised there were also quite a few South Australian brands for the brewery, which makes us all proud to be living in such a beautiful state. Their wine displays along one of the walls also caught our eye as soon as we got inside. This was just like going into someone’s home with massive collection of wine in their cellar, but better!

Now moving on to the mains, as we finished off the Mozzarella Sticks and Cold Cuts, they introduced the Pepperoni Pizza, which was not only delicious but also generous with toppings. Full-on mozzarella cheese and full-on pepperonis, you really can’t complain. They too do this gluten-free to cater to everyone. Thin, crispy base and the taste was on every little or big bite you take.

We also tried their Spicy Rigatoni. It’s always a win in my heart when the pasta’s cooked Al dente. The pasta was soaked in well with the sauce that we couldn’t get enough of it. The amount of spiciness was mild, so anyone can have this without feeling the burn afterwards.

We had the beverage highlight, and now the food highlight would be their Spaghetti Capellini in Golden Century sauce. They add prawns to this dish, and it was quickly one of the best pasta we ever had. It was seriously good. Once again, prepared to Al dente, prawns were marinated in garlic butter sauce and cooked perfectly, making it soft on the palate. Just beautiful!

With the amount of wine range in their store, it is almost impossible not to find anything you like. Andrew Fantasia, the son of Enzo Fantasia, the man behind the restaurant, has founded his second wine label (his first Two Italian Boys) Hustle & Vine about almost two years ago. The duo father and son had been busy brainstorming to achieve the new look of the restaurant including picking the new name Aces Pizza and Liquor. From how it turned out, we reckon they have totally outdone themselves, well done boys and congratulations!

Aces Pizza and Liquor is now officially open to the public daily except Sunday. The target of this place is to make sure people and customers know they can make a quick lunch for those with limited time during work hours, without sacrificing the quality of the food.

We want to thank Neon Moose for their extended invitation to the reopening. We cannot wait to make our way back to this place and get our pizza craving fixed and making sure to have our Fruchoc beer this time!

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: Central Market Plaza, 62-72 Gouger St, Adelaide


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