Love, Stephy

Love, Stephy is Adelaide’s cutest new cafe, which offers gorgeous sweets and delicious drinks from early until late every day, and delights everybody who walks through their doors. Located on Hindley St, Love, Stephy is absolutely unforgettable with its gorgeous pink interior design, beautiful customer service, and amazing sweet treats!

The one-of-a-kind interior sparkles with personality, from the beautiful rose-covered ceiling to the stunning pink marbled floors. The seats are pink velvet, and in the windows you can enjoy cute white swings with plush pink cushions. The countertop is a gorgeous white marble decorated with faux roses, which works as a meeting point for the pink marbled floors and the rose-covered ceiling. A large sign surrounded by vines and faux roses exclaims the name of the cafe in big, swirly letters. Indoor plants give a fresh and lively vibe to the cutesy cafe, and opens up the space.

Although no matter how stunning the interior of the cafe is, nothing is more beautiful than the desserts themselves. Displayed in their cases, all of the desserts at Love, Stephy are unique, and absolutely exquisite. From their beautiful presentation, to their gorgeous aromas, as well as their exquisite flavours, there is sure to be a dessert to satisfy every sweet-tooth!

The Berrylicious is a giant glazed strawberry sitting upon a white chocolate rice puff and with a sensational, minty surprise inside! The presentation of this sweet is absolutely incredible, with each serving looking exactly like a large strawberry, with detailing for the seeds, shape, and stem. The outside of the Berrylicious is a light cream-cheese mousse and when you cut into it you find a gorgeous, frosty strawberry and mint compote. The white chocolate rice puff adds a crunch to the dish, and enhances the creaminess of the rest of the dessert. The Berrylicious is the sort of sweet that everybody can enjoy, as it has a beautiful assortment of flavours and textures, and it is the perfect level of sweetness for anybody to love.

The Spooktacular is the perfect addition to the sweets at Love, Stephy for the spooky season! Shaped like a tiny pumpkin, the sweet is glossy and cute, and comes with a swirl of dark chocolate for the stem. The outside layer is a creamy and sweet caramel mousse, which is balanced perfectly with smooth and silky creme brûlée inside. Raspberry angel cake adds a gorgeous, fruity tang to the centre of the dish, and brings a whole new flavour to the sweet. The raspberry paired with the creamy caramel and creme brûlée is delightful on the palate, and creates an incredible taste sensation. Although made for the Halloween season, there are absolutely no tricks in this delightful treat!

La Vie En Rose is an elegantly presented sweet, with the gorgeous natural-pink of the ruby chocolate shell and topped with a raspberry and white rose petal. A velvety chocolate rose mousse is hidden beneath the shell of the sweet and pairs beautifully with the texture of the ruby chocolate. A silky, raspberry jelly adds a slight tang, and the lychee cremeux infuses the dessert with the light and unique flavour of the fruit. La Vie En Rose is the perfect combination of flavours, the lightness of the rose and lychee blend beautifully together, and the raspberry gives a gorgeous burst of flavour! The simplicity of the presentation juxtaposes the intricate combination of flavours, and makes this sweet truly unique.

The Flan Parisien is a crowd favourite, with its beautiful puff pastry, incredible custard flavour, and glossy finish. This delicious sweet is kept simple, and wows everybody by perfecting the basics of a flan. The custard is thick and fluffy, and the incredible flavours create for a beautiful, decadent dessert. The Flan Parisien is not too sweet as to be overbearing, but is still very flavourful and the perfect treat to go with a morning coffee or tea!

The Corange is an essence of orange hidden within a beautiful coconut sweet. The presentation of this sweet is incredibly simple and elegant, and draws people in with the soft colours and the gem-like look of the rose chocolate shards. The icing cracks beneath the spoon and reveals a fluffy coconut mousse. The smooth coconut mousse melts in your mouth, and bring the subtle, yet beautiful, flavours of coconut. In the middle of the Corange is orange cream, which’s flavours dance on the tongue and bring a lively fruity flavour to the sweet. Ruby chocolate shards add a light, chocolate flavour to the dish, and add a flush of colour to the presentation.

The Tropical Verrine is a beautiful, mango based dessert. Served in layers within a transparent bowl, the bright yellows of the dish are absolutely irresistible! A mango macaron sits atop the whipped cream, and breaks beautifully in your mouth when you take a bite. The outside of the macaron is crisp, and the inside is soft and sweet. A tangy citrus jelly brings the tropical sensation to the dessert, and a light mango jelly at the base complements the mango macaron. A layer of cream sits between the two jelly’s, and creates a gorgeous soft and fluffy texture to the sweet. It also allows the flavours to be subtle and light on the palate. The Tropical Verrine is the perfect sweet treat for the upcoming summertime, and is sure to be a massive hit!

The Chocoheaven is a rich, dark chocolate mousse, with cassis and blackberry compote. The mixture of decadent chocolate and tart berries is reminiscent of black forest cake, but with a new twist. The fluffy chocolate sponge base creates a lightness to contrast with the rich flavours of the chocolate mousse. An earl grey cream swirl on top of the Chocoheaven adds a new, unique flavour to the dessert, and perfectly complements the rich, decadent chocolate sweet. The Chocoheaven is the perfect dish for lovers of chocolate, who still enjoy the invigorating tang of fresh berries.

The Sun-kissed is Love, Stephy’s head chef’s specialty, and has been practised to perfection. The dessert is a perfect balance of chocolate flavours and tropical infusions. A swirl of mango and lime jelly perches atop the decadent milk chocolate mousse. A passionfruit cremeux adds a beautiful creamy sensation and light, tropical flavour to the dessert. Caramelised coconut adds beautiful flavours to the dish, and also a gorgeous crunchy texture to complement the creaminess of the milk chocolate mousse and passionfruit cremeux. A coconut base adds more coconut flavours to the sweet, as well as an incredible crunch! The textures of both creaminess and crunchiness make this sweet a pleasure to eat, and the collaboration of chocolate and tropical flavours is a risky partnership, but the Sun-kissed pulls it off with perfection and creates a one-of-a-kind dessert!

Every sweet at Love, Stephy is made with love, and this shows in the impeccable presentation and gorgeous customer service. Each dish is unique, and plays with a gorgeous sensation of flavours and textures. There is no other dessert cafe in Adelaide which compares to that of Love, Stephy, and everybody needs to go and see this beautiful place for themselves.

Words by Elisabeth Marie

WHERE: 3/62-68 Hindley St, Adelaide


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