Beefcakes & Shakes

From the mastermind behind Burgertec and Buffalo Wing Co, comes their latest project, Beefcakes and Shakes.

Giving us a sneak preview at the Cluck Yeah! Fried Chicken Festival, the public were able to get a taste of what will be available at their physical store.

On the menu is a selection of five gourmet burgers, four thick shakes, four softies (loaded soft serves) and a range of obligatory sides.

The burger options include the Cheeseburger, Classic, Bacon, Chook and Shroom with options for a double patty.

I tried the Double Bacon burger which consists of two smashed patties, mature cheddar cheese, maple bacon, mumbo sauce and smokey roasted capsicum salsa.

It’s a well constructed burger that is certainly Instagram worthy. The beef patties were juicy and perfectly cooked. The cheese has a nice sharpness which is overcome by the sweetness of the bacon, mumbo sauce and salsa. Mumbo sauce is an American condiment which is red-orange in colour and similar to a barbecue or plum sauce. For those that like their burgers a bit sweeter, this is for you.

While there are many businesses offering burgers out there, Beefcakes & Shakes will impress you with their American diner style menu that is unique to them. We look forward to visiting their physical store to try out their other menu items.

Beefcakes & Shakes opens their doors on Wednesday November 13th.

WHERE: 567 Grange Rd, Grange



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