Diner en Blanc 2019 – Preview

The world over, Diner en Blanc is an event which has a reputation that precedes its. From Adelaide, Vancouver, Singapore, Paris and everywhere else, this is a party unlike any other. One that over the years has developed it’s own quirks and foibles to become one of the most recognised parties in the world.

In it’s most simple description Diner en Blanc is a white party of good food, dancing, fun and frivolity. This however doesn’t do justice to the scale and grandeur of this prestigious night. To run you through what to expect the following are the ground rules if you wish to attend Diner en Blanc.

1. You must wear all white, no exceptions. Anything else takes away from the visual appeal of the dinner.
2. The location of the event is announced to attendees on the day of the dinner.
3. Attendees must bring their own table, chairs, tablecloth, picnic basket, cutely, dishware and glassware (all white of course).
4. Attendees must take all trash with them when they leave as to leave the venue spotless.
5. Invites are by invitation only, guests must either be members, sponsored by members or sign up for the events waiting list.
6. Once you’ve confirmed for Diner en Blanc attendance is mandatory. Diner en Blanc is a rain or shine event.

This might sound like a bit much for a dinner in the park but all of it is worth it in the grandest of ways. This is a true french dining experience unlike any other. From the napkin waving opening ceremony to the opening of champagne by sabre. You heard right, refreshment by sword. Diner en Blanc is an event mired by all sorts of traditions that make it one of a kind and it is why it is celebrated globally.

After a year absence in Adelaide, Diner en Blanc has assembled a new hosting team of Nicole Sheehan, Kerry Lee Headley and Simon Headley who look to make this one of the best events of the year.

So it’s not too late to become part of the most glamorous picnic of the year and a truly enchanting evening. Diner en Blanc Adelaide is on Saturday 30th November. To register your interest go to www.adelaide.dinerenblanc.com and sign up to the waitlist. Await your invitation and expect the unexpected.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin


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