Creamistry Cafe and Dessert Bar – VIP Media Launch

Creamistry; Ice cream with a bit of chemistry. But that’s not the only thing they offer. With all day dining for breakfast, brunch and lunch until 3 pm and opens again at 5pm until late, this newly established cafe has quickly become the local favourite for people who enjoy their hearty meals with an interesting twist. Then for an experimental treat that delights both in taste and presentation, Creamistry puts their name to the test with nitrogen made ice cream in a variety of fantastic flavours.

We were honoured to be part of the media launch last night. As we entered the cafe, we could not help but be drawn to the mural on the wall full of famous Bollywood actors and actresses. Owners Samir and Rutali Paranjape wanted their cultural backgrounds to be part of the cafe and that is portrayed beautifully by the art on the wall. What a splendid statement I must say. On the other side of the main wall, artist Amanda King @AmandaKingArtist brought her A game by drawing henna inspired wings for our photographing pleasure. Because, who doesn’t want a photo infront of angel wings especially while holding some “eye candy” ice cream in your hands? I know I did!

The night turned to a bigger event once all the popular Adelaide food bloggers arrived. We were allowed to sit wherever we wanted so we could get to know each other and mingle. Beverages were offered by the beautiful staff and we were spoilt with choices of wines, beers and soft drinks. And I get this is random, but the fact that they are using biodegradable straws gave this place a bonus point!

Once seated and comfortable, finger food started to arrive. There was the popular Indian inspired chicken lollipops, chicken tikka on a lightly toasted bread with melted cheese and onion which was absolutely divine as well as mushroom and basil pesto toasted sandwiches and cauliflower and quinoa fritters to share which you can find on their menu daily.

Now moving on to the main event which made the guests stand to their feet. Dessert! The chef showed off their skills in making nitrogen ice cream. We were spoilt with choices such as Mango King, Berrylicious, Mochaccino, Nutshell and Apple Pie! I was intrigued with their different topping options and my mind was set on getting the fairy floss. So I put my request in and got the cherry flavoured ice cream with my pink fairy floss on top. I was blown away on how creamy and tasty this ice cream was with actual cherry chunks. I would come here just for the special nitrogen ice cream. I highly recommend this.

If you’re hungry or just feeling peckish, these picture perfect food and desserts are all the reason you need to make this a must see in Adelaide. Bring your parents, bring your date, bring your kids, Creamistry is definitely a crowd pleaser for all ages.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: 127 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End


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