Schnitz – New Menu Items

Hello from the land of Schnitz, where all types of meat get together to be crumbed, pan fried and delivered hot to your table. Located at the recently refurbished Tea Tree Plaza in Modbury, Schnitz opened its doors to the public on October 2018 and has been popular among the locals. Owned by ‘Papa Schnitz’, Roman Dyduk and two of his children, this is the place to be whenever you are craving for some schnitzel. With their welcoming atmosphere, charming tiled table tops, and accommodating staff, it is an easy place to become regulars. We had the courtesy to try some of their new dishes under the Purist Plates menu and may I say, we were humming happily in appreciation for these delicious meals.

3 Cheese & Ham Parmi
Traditional crumbed chicken schnitzel topped with smoked ham, Napoli sauce and a trio of parmesan, ovoline and mozzarella. It has such a rich flavour, if you are a cheese lover then this is the one for you. This dish comes with a side of garden salad and original chips (and we are just going to put it out there, they do excellent chips!)

Garlic Buttered Beef
This one is a definite highlight. The beef is so tender and the garlic butter complemented it so well. We literally wanted to order two. We demolished this one in a heart beat. Served with a side of a refreshing caprese salad and original chips. I highly recommend it.

The Loaded Schnitz
Totally an under statement because this took overloaded to another level although we are definitely not complaining! It was simply a traditional crumbed chicken schnitzel but stacked with original chips, gravy and grated mozzarella cheese. What a goddess of a plate that was.

We also had to try one of their salads which consisted of schnitzel of your choice, cut into strips with gourmet lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumber, mashed avocado, feta, mixed seeds, sweet cranberries, quinoa and tossed in lemon dressing – need I say more? This is certainly not a side dish but a proper meal on its own. The crunchy crumbed schnitzel added texture to the salad and there’s so much going on in one plate it’s only appropriate to call this dish the Lovingly Fresh Salad.

We were particularly impressed with our pick of the schnitzel roll as it came out. The OMG! as they like to call it, is a choice of your schnitzel, tasty cheese, baby cos lettuce, tomato, sautĂ©ed onions… And wait, there’s more… Rindless bacon, fried egg and of course you’ve got to have pineapple ring too. It was a massive roll with lightly toasted buns. Yes, there was definitely an OMG moment then when they delivered the dish to our table.

The Purist Plates are easier to pick especially when you are a bit indecisive and just want a bit of everything. But be assured, having to experience their original Schnitz menu first hand, I found it still simple yet exciting as you get to choose your meat (chicken, beef, pork) or vegan if you prefer. Then choose your crumb. I know, I know, this will get me excited too. I might end up with four schnitzels because I can’t pick just the one. I personally would recommend the traditional crumb just because Papa Schnitz has got this dish in the bag with their family recipe blended for that perfect golden crumb. Last but not least, choose your style. You can go classic with the original schnitzel on a plate, and if you like to make it interesting get it in a wrap or a roll aka. schnitzel burger. Or, if you want to take it up a notch to a healthier version, you can style your schnitzel on a bed of salad.

Order and pay at the counter and you are basically done. The meal will be delivered to your table in no time!

So, incase you haven’t been or thinking about going to give this place a try, wait no longer. This place takes cooking schnitzel seriously. With every ingredient measured perfectly to craft the perfect schnitzel, they hold up to their philosophy to exist by sharing the joy of traditional schnitzel with the world one crumb at a time. Thank you Schnitz for making our schnitzel experience enjoyable. We will definitely come back sooner than you think.

Words by Dee Pene from Adelaide Food Authority

WHERE: Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, 976 North East Road, Modbury


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