House of Health Collective

Two established Adelaide Central Market health food stalls, ‘Central Organic’ and ‘House of Health’, are excited to officially open ‘House of Health Collective’. Located at stalls 72-75, this wholefood powerhouse will offer health and bulk foods, certified organic produce, superfoods, raw treats and more.

Central Organic, owned by Ivan and Alex Oulianoff, and House of Health, owned by Chester and Robert Frank, felt their synergies aligned, with the goal to be single-use plastic free for House of Health Collective.

Co-owner Chester Frank says, “We realised some time ago we have always had the same vision relating to sustainability, zero-waste and organic produce. Only a few years ago we came to the realisation that to have significant impact in these areas, we needed to merge the businesses… Stronger in numbers as they say”

With three years in the making, House of Health Collective felt like a natural progression for the two families. Together, they have newly created ‘Field to Fork Wholefoods Kitchen’, a café that focuses on plant-based offerings sourced from its parent stalls.

“Obtaining scale was important for us to deliver the offering our customers have been increasingly demanding. With the newly revamped stall, we have been able to significantly increase our product offering through a space we hope will make a more impressive experience overall,” says Alex Oulianoff.

“We have worked extremely hard on the Field to Fork menu with exciting offerings such as certified organic coffee and house made raw treats. The café will also feature an 100% natural ‘Peanut Butter’ fountain and coconut vegan soft-serve ice-cream, CocoWhip,” says Chester Frank.

This collaborative venture is very personal for the Oulianoff and Frank families as they have been in this business for generations.

“It’s more than just a shop. Our lives are entrenched within the walls of the stalls. We’ve all been fortunate to see the benefits of growing up around fresh, healthy, organic food. The fact that we’re able to share all of this with a new audience and take our business to a whole new level by providing an extended offering of specialty products and a Wholefood Café, means a lot to us,” says Ivan Oulianoff.

House of Health Collective officially opens to the public on Friday 16 August and are celebrating on Saturday 17 August with giveaways, raw treat samples and more for the public to enjoy.

WHERE: Stalls 72-75, Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide


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