Adelaide Beer & BBQ Fest 2019

After an overly successful 2018 showing the Beer and BBQ Fest is returning to the Adelaide Showgrounds to yet again be the everything festival. Great food, drinks and music, Beer and BBQ Fest is upping it to 11 with a bigger line up and plenty of amazing Australian Beer.

In 2018 just about every brewer you could think of was in attendance to provide samplings of the finest craft beers Australia can produce. This year it’ll be more of the same with what organisers say will be the biggest line up of Beer and Cider brewers in one place. The festivities themselves this year have been taken in a different direction. Instead of tickets sold for a single day or weekend passes the event is now held in sessions. 4 sessions are held over the 3 days with each session offering different events with different prices.

Things kickoff on Friday the 12th of July with Bright Lights, Beer City which includes music by Frenzal Romb and Cash Savage & The Last Drinks. Friday also includes the Beer and BBQ Band Battle, the Royal Adelaide Beer & Cider Awards and Royal Australian Spirit Awards. Where as Hair of the Dog on Sunday 14th packs in events like the 3rd Annual Beer Bod Wet T-Shirt Contest, a hot dog eating contest and dog sideshows. As you can see it is less of one single event and instead several different functions over the weekend with each one catered at a different audience and priced accordingly. Check out the Beer and BBQ website for details on the festivities for each day.

Beer and BBQ Festival is back with a vengeance and while all of the fine details are still being sorted I think it’s safe to say that this year will be a food and beer extravaganza for the ages. Regardless of taste or preference you’ll find a session that appeals to you and be able to try all the great flavours Australia has to offer.

Words by Jonathon Tonkin

WHERE: Wayville Showgrounds


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