Casablabla – Bacardi Mojito Garden

Last night was the official launch of the newest and brightest addition to Leigh Street – The Bacardi Mojito Bar! Located in the garden area of Casablabla, The Bacardi Mojito Bar is dedicated to showcasing the many wonders and uses of the iconic Bacardi spirit. We were treated to Bacardi Mojitos’ galore and enjoyed the fun, new atmosphere that The Bacardi Mojito Bar has brought to Casablabla.

We spoke to the business development executive for Bacardi Australia, Finn Healey, about the vision for The Bacardi Mojito Bar and what he wants to bring to Adelaide.

“We wanted to change the vibe of Casablala and bring Bacardi into one of Australia’s favourite cocktails,” Said Finn, “The Bar is a new direction for Casablabla and brings more life to Leigh Street.”

The Bacardi Mojito Bar is the perfect way to reintroduce Bacardi in a whole new way to a while new generation. With the vibrant and fresh tastes of mint and citrus with the slight bitterness of Bacardi, these Mojitos are out of this world. We thoroughly enjoyed this mouth-watering cocktail on yesterday’s sweltering summers day.

With a gorgeous retro-summer theme, the new Bacardi Mojito Bar is full of colour and excitement. With plenty of outdoor seating, you can enjoy the gorgeous weather and cool yourself down with a tasty cocktail. Whether you’d like to chill out with a drink after work, or make a date with friends, it’s always a party here at The Bacardi Mojito Bar!

To check out the new talk of the town, head to Casablabla on Leigh Street and treat yourself to a Mojito or two!

Words by Kitty Barr

WHERE: 12 Leigh St, Adelaide


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