The Kingwill Kitchen

Situated in the heart of Adelaide’s bustling business precinct, the new Kingwill Kitchen specialises in providing its patrons with diversely cultured food. With a focus on combining specialty dishes from across the globe with the classic elements of Western cuisine, there is sure to be something for everyone. With its convenient location and all day breakfast options, this lovely little spot is perfect for brunch connoisseurs and office workers alike.

Moroccan Lamb Salad
Tender morsels of cumin infused roast lamb nestled amongst a bed of fresh, leafy greens created a wholesomely flavourful dish. This complexity and uniqueness of flavour was only heightened by the subtle presence of cucumber, green pair, spring onion, green chili and pistachios. Drizzled with a refreshing lemon oil dressing, this dish would make a great healthy option or light meal.

KWK Beef Burger
If you’re looking to tame the greatest of hunger, look no further – the KWK signature beef burger has you sorted. Sandwiched between a charcoal bun was their succulent beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion jam. The mildly spiced patty and onion jam introduced a greater depth of flavour to the burger, contrasting nicely with the fresh ingredients. Served alongside crisp sweet potato chips and a spicy tomato chutney, this slightly modernised take on a classic did not disappoint.

Mediterranean Roast Vegetables
This medley of seasonal roast vegetables was comprised of pumpkin, sweet potato, carrot, zucchini, capsicum and eggplant. Garnished with caramelised garlic cloves and teamed with crisp pitta and homemade smoky babaganoush, this dish was deliciously satisfying.

Barramundi Fillet
An Asian twist on an Australian favourite, this melt-in-your-mouth pan seared barramundi fillet was paired with stir fried bok choy and lusciously caramelised garlic cloves. Seasoned with Asian spices and drenched in a homemade ginger and chilli sambal, this flavour combination was thoroughly enjoyable.

Summer Chicken Curry
This Malaysian inspired chicken curry infused in a mildly spiced tamarind and coconut sauce provided a welcome contrast to KWK’s other dishes. Paired with Asian greens and basmati rice, this flawlessly executed dish was the perfect homage to Malaysian culture. This moreish combination of flavours created the ideal balance of light and hearty, great for a warm summer’s day.

250g Fillet Steak
Marinated in green pepper and oyster sauce, this succulent grass fed steak was equally as delicious as it was good value. This harmonious coupling of flavours was further enhanced by the addition of seasonal greens and sweet potato fries. Once again, this modernised interpretation of Asian flavours renders this dish both unique and flavoursome.

Maple Bacon French Toast
Fluffy French toast paired with beautifully crisp bacon and Canadian maple syrup was a match made in heaven! While it may seem an odd combination, the contrasting sweetness of the maple was well balanced by the dish’s savoury components, creating a deliciously moreish union.

With a variety of breakfast and lunch options to satisfy most, Kingwill Kitchen is a must try for those visiting the CBD. If you’re on the hunt for good value quality eats and service with a smile, you will not be disappointed. Their expertly crafted seasonal menu and unique approach to food creates a thoroughly enjoyable dining experience.

Words by Taylor Siemelink

WHERE: 333 King William St, Adelaide


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