MiMi – Lunch Menu

After recently trying out their delicious weekend brunch spread, modern Thai café MiMi reeled us in for round two as we tried eight different options from their daily ‘Lunch On’ menu.

MiMi Rice Bowl

Closely resembling the Buddha Bowl on their brunch menu, the MiMi Rice Bowl adds a customisable touch by offering a choice of three additions: fried chicken, grilled pork belly or vegetarian fried tofu. Creating a vibrantly coloured rainbow were a variety of fresh vegetables which included julienned carrot, crisp edamame beans, pickled cauliflower, fresh lettuce, purple cabbage and watermelon radish. Underneath the rainbow food arrangement lay a generous serving of fluffy steamed jasmine rice, soaked up some of the vivid colours of the pickled vegetables. To wrap the dish together, we were recommended to add grilled pork belly – and we were definitely not disappointed! On top of the colourful bed of vegetables came two thick slices of pork belly, which had been wrapped into spirals much like Italian porchetta. Coated in a mouth-watering glaze with a hint of honey to it, each bite of the grilled released the flavoursome juices that lay inside. Topped with sesame seeds and spring onion, this dish certainly provides a “balanced diet” by combining indulgent meat with healthy vegetables!

Potato and Sweetcorn Fritters

Uniquely presented with an impeccable attention to detail, the Potato and Sweetcorn Fritters were any hipster’s Instagrammable dream! Sitting atop a layer of green guacamole were four savoury vegetable fritters, which were perfectly puffy like little clouds. The outside created a slight crunch with each bite to reveal the fluffy filling inside, made from mashed potato and sweetcorn kernels. A dash of soy mayonnaise on top soaked into the potato filling inside each fritter, adding a slight sweetness to each little morsel. Topped with zaru soba dried seaweed flakes, sesame seeds and spring onion, the cherry on top of this dish were the intricately decorated lotus root chips which we had fallen head over heels in love with on our last visit to MiMi.

Tangy and Spicy Fried Chicken

As major fried chicken fanatics, we just had to try the Tangy and Spicy Fried Chicken. Coated in MiMi’s signature larb powder to create a warm, earthy brown batter, the fried chicken inside was soft and tender to bite into. A quarter of lime was served on the side for you to drizzle over the chicken to your heart’s desire, balancing out the saltiness of the larb coating and adding the tangy touch as alluded to in the name of the dish. A refreshing green garden salad topped with herbs, ringlets of spring onion and fennel on the side also adds a cool touch to the slight heat of the fried chicken, which is not highly spicy to the point of overwhelming the senses.

Crying Tiger

With a name as unique and unusual as the flavours contained within, the Crying Tiger is a filling, wholesome dish for all those meat-lovers out there. Succulent sirloin steak has been grilled to perfection, creating a soft texture that simply falls apart in your mouth with every bite. Each thinly cut slice of meat has been elaborately fanned out and submerged in a pool of dressing unlike any other, soaking up flavours of sweet palm sugar, fish sauce and zesty lime juice. Sitting on top is a crunchy green salad made from cucumber, onion and cabbage and topped with fennel which adds a sweet liquorice touch.

Thai’s Favourite Somtum Salad

Rejuvenating, refreshing and revitalising, Thai’s Favourite Somtum Salad is sure to be a crowd-favourite hit this summer! The stringy papaya adds a fruity sweetness, which is balanced out by julienned carrot and diced broad beans which add a crisp touch. Halved cherry tomatoes add a juiciness to the salad mix, whilst nuts break up the watery flavours and add a crunchy consistency to the dish. A hint of chilli is also present, however have no fear – this salad is not highly spicy whatsoever!

Gratin of Kimchi Fried Rice

Served in a cast iron pan atop a rustic round wooden pizza paddle, the Gratin of Kimchi Fried Rice is a dish that lays somewhere in the middle of a brunch and a late lunch meal. Gratin is a French culinary touch where a thin layer of cheese or breadcrumbs is cooked atop a dish, and this perfectly captures the essence of this hearty dish. Lying at the bottom of the pan was a layer of crispy bacon and mushrooms, which have soaked up the flavour of the kimchi fried rice to the point where they taste almost caramelised. The fried rice appears earthy orange to red in tone, infused with plenty of spice to create an interesting kick. Combined with fermented pickled spicy cabbage and deliciously stringy cheese, the layer of gratin on top has been cooked to crispy, golden perfection, adding a unique touch to your typical fried rice dish.

Satay Chicken Burger

The perfect on-the-go lunch option, the Satay Chicken Burger sees the east meet the west by combining modern Thai elements with the classic burger. Between two soft brioche buns lies grilled chicken breast, which is coated in a thick satay sauce with subdued peanut notes that are not too intense. No burger is complete without salad, and a generous layer of tomato, lettuce and cucumber relish adds a freshness to the burger. Served with spice-infused crunchy fries on the side, holding the burger together is a skewer with a little MiMi flag on top, which makes for an adorable take-home souvenir.

Bowl of Fries

To accompany our several dishes, we also ordered the classic Bowl of Fries which proved to be anything but your basic chips. Coated in a layer of mixed spices such as paprika and turmeric, MiMi’s fries are salty with a herbal touch. Topped with a sprinkle of cheese, these little bite-sized beauties are highly addictive to the point where they’ll be disappearing right before your eyes!

With every dish being made with love and care, MiMi’s ‘Lunch On’ menu is available between 11:30am – 2:30pm weekdays (excluding Tuesdays).

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 50 Sturt St, Adelaide


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