Nu Thai

If you’re looking for a Thai restaurant that blends traditional and modern dishes with popular street food, then look no further than Nu Thai!

Originally established by Thomas Ng in 2004 along Gouger Street, Nu Thai has since moved to a more spacious venue along Morphett Street as of 2014.

Having large open windows, elegant table settings and an expansive interior, Nu Thai offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all those who enjoy the delicious cuisine that Thailand has to offer.

With something on offer to tantalise everyone’s tastebuds, Nu Thai’s comprehensive menu is divided into five sections: Entrées, Salad & Soups, Noodles & Rice, Mains and Vegetarian.

Adelaide Food Central paid Nu Thai a visit to try their refreshing cocktail menu as well as twelve of their delectable dishes for ‘linner’: a meal eaten between lunch and dinner.

Thai Dumplings

Steeped in a thick curry sauce were six delicate Thai Dumplings, each with a soft wrapper concealing the tender filling inside. With each bite, flavours of pickled ginger and kaffir lime leaves tickled our tastebuds before the filling of minced chicken and prawn consumed our palate. The soft dumplings absorbed the creamy curry sauce, which had hints of spice and peanut yet was not an assault to the senses.

Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Being a popular Thai delicacy, we just had to try the Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab. Coated in a salt and pepper flavoured light batter, the shell proved to be slightly crunchy and salty in flavour. The crab meat inside was surprisingly tender and delicious, tasting much like chicken. Topped with parsley as well as red and spring onion, the crab was best dipped in the bed of sweet chilli sauce which it lay on top of, adding a kick to the dish.

Chicken Satay Skewers

Served on a bed of refreshing green salad, the Chicken Satay Skewers came with a serving of three succulent chicken kebabs which were chargrilled to golden perfection. On the side was a little bowl of satay dipping sauce, which was thick and mixed in with crushed peanuts to create a slightly crunchy consistency.

Thai Fishcake

Three plump Thai Fishcakes came served on a layer of green leafy salad, looking much like seafood meatballs. Unlike many other fishcakes we’ve tried, these creations were surprisingly juicy and soft rather than dry and flaky. Thin slices of spring onion had been added to the mixture, adding a refreshing touch to each bite. These fishcakes were best enjoyed dipped into the sweet chilli sauce on the side, which came topped with crushed peanuts and tiny cubes of cucumber.

Flat Prawn Spring Rolls

Coated in a thin, crispy layer of savoury pastry, these Flat Prawn Spring Rolls created a satisfying crunch in the mouth. The morsel of prawn meat inside was beautifully tender and pink. Served on the side was a plum dipping sauce topped with sesame seeds, which balanced out the dryness of the dish. The pastry and prawn combined to taste much like a prawn cracker – loud and crunchy, yet unbelievably flavoursome.

Green Papaya Salad

Resembling an edible nest, the Green Papaya Salad was served as a tower of papaya finely shaved to look like noodles. The papaya was crisp, watery and refreshing, making for the perfect salad to enjoy on a summer’s day. Amongst the mixture were bean sprouts, julienned carrot, and diced cherry tomato, topped with flakes of fried sweet potato. We experienced an unexpected spicy kick with each mouthful, which was caused by the tiny chilli seeds scattered over the salad.

Pad Thai

Another traditional Thai dish that was a staple on our tasting list, Nu Thai serve up an admirable Pad Thai that rivals many other versions seen around Adelaide. A generous serving of rice vermicelli noodles came combined with morsels of tender chicken breast and succulent tofu. On the side came piles of crushed peanuts and even chilli slices for those who are adventurous and enjoy a bit of heat. Topped with a sprinkle of spring onion and fried sweet potato flakes, this Pad Thai was saturated in mouth-watering flavour and was best enjoyed with a squeeze of lime on top.

Roast Duck Curry

The Roast Duck Curry is the perfect comfort food to warm your soul. Submerged in a golden red curry sauce, the slices of tender duck absorbed the herbal flavours of the curry. Lychee balls, cherry tomatoes and pineapple chunks added a sweetness to the dish, whilst fried basil which lay on top amplified the herbal flavours present within the curry sauce.

Crispy Beef

The golden glaze of the Crispy Beef glistened as it caught the light, tantalising our tastebuds and making our mouths water. Like the beef version of honey chicken, the glaze was sweet and crispy, revealing the tender and juicy beef that lay inside. Roasted cashews added crunch to the dish, whilst capsicum, red and spring onion, balanced out the savoury with a hint of refreshment. Topped with black and white sesame seeds, the crispy beef was best enjoyed with a serving of rice.

ChooChee Prawn

The ChooChee Prawn was also immersed in a vibrant red curry sauce yet offered a completely different flavour experience. The prawns were generous in size and were packed full of the flavour of the curry that they had absorbed. Large heads of broccoli, which were slightly crunchy at the roots yet soft at the sprouts, surrounded the tower of prawns in the middle. Topped with fried basil, cherry tomato, peppercorns and julienned red capsicum, this hearty dish will be the perfect option to cure those winter blues when the weather starts to cool.

Green Chicken Curry

Consisting of an earthy, khaki green-coloured sauce, the Green Chicken Curry exuded flavours of mint and thyme on the tastebuds. Thick slices of succulent chicken breast soaked up the curry sauce like sponges, surrounded by broad beans, red capsicum and soft eggplant cubes. Topped with fresh basil, this curry had a hint of spice that did not overpower the other flavours present within the dish.

Crispy Chicken

Laying on a bed of fresh green salad was a generous serving of Crispy Chicken, which had been chopped into six delicious morsels. The golden brown skin was crispy and salty, cradling the pure white chicken breast inside. To one side came a small bowl of dipping sauce, which tasted much like a minty fresh vinaigrette. Although the chicken was just as delectable on its own, a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of the vinaigrette added a cool freshness to the meat.

Also offering an extensive menu of beverages consisting of beers, ciders, wines, whiskeys, spirits and aperitif drinks, we also tried four of Nu Thai’s refreshing cocktails that will be perfect for this summer season.

Served in a wine glass, the Pomelo Sensation combined gin and cointreau with the fruity flavours of cranberry and grapefruit juice as well as the citrus zest of pomelo. Embodying the image of the perfect summer cocktail, the Pineapple Mojito blended white rum and soda water with mint leaves, thick pineapple pulp and tangy lime juice. The Tequila Sunrise offers your daily dose of vitamin C with an alcoholic twist, merging tequila gold with red grenadine and orange juice. The Lychee Soda was the standout cocktail, beautifully decorated with real lychees and quenching our thirst with vodka, soda water, lychee liqueur and lime juice.

Located just around the corner from the heart of the Adelaide CBD, Nu Thai is open Thursday and Friday for lunch from 12pm – 3pm, and Monday to Saturday for dinner from 5pm – 10pm, closing later at 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Words by Tayla Giles

WHERE: 228 Morphett St, Adelaide


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