BA:M – 1st Birthday Celebrations

BA:M celebrated their one year anniversary since opening on Wednesday the 5th of December. It was a momentous event for owners Rose Heo and Sehwan Park, as a bundle of balloons were released against the beautiful décor of the interior. BA:M is the go-to restaurant for Adelaidians and tourists alike, located conveniently on Currie Street.

While the atmosphere may be a feast for the eyes, it is only rivalled by their signature Korean Fried Chicken recipes, which tear apart in the mouth, managing to be both succulent and delightfully crispy at once. Paired with yogurt and ice-cream in the Caesar Salad, the unconventional take on the traditional dish further sets BA:M apart from other restaurants in the city in the best possible way. The Prawn King in Bed, Rolling Duck, hand-crafted Meatballs, Fried Dumplings, Korean Beef and Spicy Pork were all brilliant in their complimentary role to the sharing platter for two.

Dessert options for the night consisted of the Yuzu Lemon Tart and Matcha Cheese Cake which were the perfect way to finish such a fulfilling experience. For the sweet-toothed person looking for the immaculate presentation that comes with a high-class culinary experience – look no further.

By far one of the most impressive aspects for all was the cocktails available, which ranged from the intriguing blue zest of the Melon Popsicle cocktail or the devilish Strawberry Popsicle cocktail to the tea-tails, available in rum-spiked cinnamon or spiked peach.

Since its inception, BA:M has grown tremendously into the magnum opus for Adelaide in diverse flavours, brilliant staff, a wide array of drinks from all walks of the globe and concoctions that tantalise the palate.

Having only been around for a year, one wonders how South Australia ever lived without it. So raise a strawberry cocktail and cheers to many more years of excellence to come!

As David Bowie once said: “Wham BA:M, thank you ma’am!”

Words and Photos by David McManus Jnr

WHERE: 20 Currie St, Adelaide



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