Cloud Theory Marshmallows

Renowned for hand-crafting gourmet marshmallows, Cloud Theory Marshmallows is re-shaping the definition of traditional sweets. The local confectionary business, founded 18-months ago, is taking up residency in the Adelaide Central Markets over the Christmas period as the demand for their unique products grow.

Founder, May Pike, says, “My passion for food stems from my parents, they owned a donut shop in Los Angeles and I helped them from the age of nine until I left for university. It was a great childhood experience and where my love for sweets and appreciation for business began.

“I immigrated from Cambodia to America when I was three years old – my family had next to nothing but worked incredibly hard to make their business successful. Whenever I start having self-doubt about my journey, I think about my parents who spoke little English and had no formal education or commercial knowledge but were able to own a property, and put three children through university and live a very comfortable lifestyle,” says May Pike.

May was compelled to follow her family’s footsteps but wanted to steer away from conventional options such as cupcakes donuts or macaroons. Identifying marshmallows as a gap in the market, she has gone above and beyond to perfect a variety of decadent flavours including peanut butter chocolate, strawberries & cream, cookie sandwiches and can tailor-make sweets to match themes and create unique flavours for special occasions.

“When I arrived in Australia I noticed there was only one marshmallow option available at the supermarket and I was completely underwhelmed as they were nothing like the American marshmallows I was used too. I made a joke about how I should make my own, and five years later I finally did! I love the limitless possibilities when it comes to flavour combinations, there is something timeless and nostalgic about marshmallows that just makes people giddy,” says May Pike.

Cloud Theory frequent at market hot spots including Plant 4 Bowden, Gilles at the Grounds and will host a pop- up shop in the Adelaide Central Markets over the festive season.

“The pop-up shop is very exciting, it’s giving me the opportunity to showcase what I do and I know locals will fall in love with marshmallows the way I have. We are offering a ‘pick-and-mix’ style service with a large range of flavours including special festive flavours such as candy cane and ginger spice – perfect stocking stuffers!” says May Pike.

Cloud Theory’s pop-up shop will be in the Adelaide Central Markets from the 11th until the 29th of December. Customers can purchase pre-packaged gift boxes or hand select their own flavours and have them gift wrapped. For more information, visit

WHERE: 44-60 Gouger St, Adelaide


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