Balfours – Dessert Supper Club

The Adelaide Oval hosted the Inaugural Balfours Dessert Supper Club at their stunning Bodyline Bar last week to help the famous confectionery bakery unveil their newest sweet treat: The Chocolate Custard Tart.

A beautiful venue, with a lovely modern setting, was the perfect mix of new and tradition with Balfours never disappointing on the taste and service.

Famous for their legendary sweet treats, Balfours presented guests with a huge table filled with their famous and traditional dessert products such as the custard tart, vanilla slice, lamingtons, doughnuts and their all-renowned delicious frog cakes.

Upon arrival, guests were greeted by the Balfours frog cake mascot who stole the show, while waiters served up espresso and chocolate martinis to get everyone in the sweet mood.

The new unveiled Chocolate Custard Tart was delicious and definitely a new favourite treat for any chocolate or custard lover.

With their traditional tart pastry shell, filled with rich chocolate custard and topped with a chocolate-flaked garnish, the tart was light and lead to all guests wanting to go back for seconds or even thirds.

Chief Marketing officer for San Remo, Erik De Roos, (who also own Balfours), formally opened the evening to launch their latest creation and to re-introduce Balfours to South Australia.

“It’s a celebration to formally launch a new product, but it’s also an opportunity for us to re-introduce ourselves.

“Balfours is one of Australia’s oldest bakeries, been around since 1853 and some of our products, like the iconic frog cake, is close to one-hundred years old, which is amazing”, he said.

Mr De Roos presented Balfours slogan ‘Baking People Happy’, to guests, saying it’s something they do, not just say, by donating the leftover sweets to the Hutt Street Centre.

“What we mean by that is we do run events like these because we believe that they bake people happy.

“In the true spirit of baking people happy […] all of the products that are left over from the evening will be donated to the Hutt Street centre, in spirit of our tagline”, he said.

Later on in the evening, a special guest was introduced; The original Mr John Gordon Balfour from 1877, who told guests the tell tale of the Balfours Bakery origin and the innovation that goes into creating desserts that ‘bake people happy’.

Bringing their reputation of just selling ‘small, fancy biscuits, to a far greater reputation of having some of the best savoury and sweet ranges in South Australia.

Balfours are eager to see what South Australia thinks of their new Chocolate Custard Tart and look forward to many more inaugural events and new dessert launches in the future.

Baking people happy was exactly what Balfours did with their new Chocolate Custard Tart Launch, leaving guest with many smiling faces through out the evening.

Words by Cyndal King


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