Coal Cellar + Grill – Winter Food and Wine Series 2018

Coal Cellar and Grill presents their new Winter Food and Wine Series, with their first sneak peak at the new menu last week, showing guest what they have in store for Adelaide this season.

Coal is shifting from their famous coal grill cooking style and are putting up dishes that are more warm and homely for the cold weather to come.

Their three-part menu will start off with Goat and Gibson Wines this month, followed by Beef and Blends in July and Venison and Vale in August.

Each dishes are paired with three flights of red wines, presented to help educate diners about the different types of wines, and to expand their palettes by trying new selections.

The new menu tasting offered up small versions of their Venison Tartar, Braised Carrot, Goat Chops, Beef Shanks, Goat Tortillas, and Beef Tenderloins.

Hilton’s General Manager, Peer Norsell, said the menu is great for guests to mix and match the meals and wines depending on their mood.

“If you come in for the winter food and wine series, you can just have the flight on your own, you can have any dish off the menu if you like; […] you can really mix and match as you like.

“That’s really what the Winter Food and Wine series is all about, we obviously still have our a la carte menu so you can come in and just have a couple of easy dishes; you can go have a beef shank which is part of our beef winter series, […] or you can just come in and eat tacos if you like”, he said.

Mr Norsell stressed the importance of bringing great warm and comforting foods to guests at this time of year, but to also give guests the opportunity to possibly try new meats or wines they haven’t tried before.

“The reason why we chose Goat is we don’t eat enough of it. It’s a really sustainable meat and tastes really good, and we wanted to challenge our diners a little bit, so we thought why not?” he said.

“Our food menu is often very protein based, its food coming of the Grill but the winter food and wine series is shifting a little bit so we are sort of blending in from braised dishes but still including some of our Grill items.”

So why not step out of the cold today and try Coal Cellar and Grill’s new Winter Food and Wine Series; enjoying their hearty meals with the perfect pairing of local wines.

So come down and ‘eat, drink and be merry’ this winter.

Words by Cyndal King


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