Spaghetti Crab

Australia’s first single dish restaurant opens in Adelaide as – Spaghetti Crab in North Adelaide.

Created by the team from Ruby Red Flamingo, this dining experience is a back to basics; an authentic and delicious Italian meal – ONE serving of Spaghetti Crab; no entrée, no sides.

A choice of 3 Italian wines will accompany the dish; a Montepulciano, Pecorino and Prosecco DOC. Fresh South Australian blue swimmer crabs, local San Remo Pasta exclusively and only at Spaghetti Crab make this a truly local experience.

For the Ruby Red Flamingo team, the decision to create this dish was a personal one, with the recipe belonging to Carmela Ventura wife of Vic Ventura, both trailblazers in the local restaurant scene.

“I have cooked this recipe for my family and our friends for over 50 years and I am so excited that I can share our family tradition with Adelaide” said Carmela. The Ventura family have fond memories of lazy days and late nights with pots of spaghetti, and sauce and crab being cooked to feed a table full of friends and family.

Carmela has shared for the first time her own family’s recipe to the Ruby Red Flamingo kitchen team who will be recreating and serving the crab filled pasta.

Keeping in line with the family experience, the dish will be a generous shared dish, with substantial portions and an extra side serving of sauce in an iron pot, just like Carmela used to make.

There are no reservations and no decision-making. The family experience extends through to the shelling of the crab with diners encouraged to lay waste of their spoils on the paper-topped tables, so you can make as much crab shell and sauce splatter mess as you like. It all gets crumpled up in the paper and taken away.

Carmela said, “while it looks like a simple meal of spaghetti and crab, the flavours, the sauce, the perfect spaghetti, combined with friends and family sharing in the meal, remind me of our family table”.

The experience will be both cosy and boisterous, a place for conversation, laughter and pleasure. George Belperio will be front of house. He began his career with Vittorio in the 70s and they spent the next 30 years together opening many of Adelaide’s first Italian and most popular restaurants. He’s also worked closely with, Enzo and Lauro, the team at Ruby’s, at different points in his life.

Between Carmela, Vic, George, the Ruby’s team – the history around this dish – Adelaide will be in for a treat!

Spaghetti Crab will be open for a limited time from Thursday 31st May Tuesdays to Saturdays from 5.30pm until late.

WHERE: 47 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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