Littlewood Agapanthus Farm

Agapanthus: from the Greek word for love (agape) and flower (anthos). A fitting name for Littlewood Agapanthus Farm, not only for the 12 beautiful agapanthus varieties which grow on the property, but because you will absolutely fall in love with the space the moment you set your eyes on it!

Although it is only a short drive from the hustle and bustle of the city, stepping off the bus onto Littlewood Agapanthus Farm felt as though I had been transported a world away, to a secret, tranquil garden.

Endless green fields of lush grass expanded before us, wrapping around a breathtaking pond, and all surrounded by old trees which swayed gracefully in a gentle wind. The experience was elevated by acoustic music which played from inside our white marquee, where a platter of charcuterie and glasses of sparkling wine awaited everyone.

Littlewood Agapanthus Farm was established in 1997, only recently purchased last year by locals John & Tracey Koumi.

“We never make decisions emotionally,” Says Tracey, recalling the first time they visited the farm, “but we did on that day and we haven’t regretted it since!”

We headed down to one of the fire pits to mingle, and soon were joined by plates of piping hot pizza, fresh from the nearby food truck. As we filled our bellies and chatted with new friends, I looked around and could picture perfectly a lovely afternoon with friends. Where we bring up a picnic basket and some big, comfy pillows, casually enjoying a bottle of wine down by the pond. And, in the same train of thought, I could also see a rustic wedding, fairy lights everywhere and a couple pledging their love for one another under the handmade arbour they have on the property.

It made perfect sense to find out Littlewood Agapanthus Farms works with Sticks & Stones Events whenever hosting a special day. Helping to organize everything from catering to decor as well as entertainment. They think of everything so you can enjoy a stress-free occasion on their picturesque farm.

With heated lamps, a big marquee and fire pits, it was rather cozy to be outdoors even in the winter chill. And, as we explored the property and took in the beautiful botanicals, delightful birdhouses and lush green walking paths, I could only imagine how lovely this venue would be in the warmth of summer.

I can’t say enough good things about Littlewood Agapanthus Farms, partly because words do not do it justice. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to retreat for an afternoon tea with friends or planning a big special day, make sure you contact this incredible venue. It really is something special.

Open Friday – Monday 10am – 4pm (other times by appointment). For further details, visit their website here.

Words by Jamieson Eileen

WHERE: 69 Easlea Rd, Littlehampton


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