Cosentino – New Colour Range Launch

Cosentino Australia recently launched their new colour range with their Dekton industrial, Sensa and Silestone Eternal Collections.

Holding the colour launch party at the Chateau Apollo, on the corner of Frome and Grenfell Street, the Global Spanish Company showed off their high quality quartz and stone surfaces that are perfect for any kitchen, bathroom and/or home living spaces.

The quartz surfaces are created with maximum scratch, stain, fire and heat resistance, as well as abrasion and water absorption; making the Cosentino stones greatly sought after.

The new colour range consisted of cool earthy tones of deep and light grey’s and whites, emitting an elegant and modern mood through out the space.

The rustic venue of the Chateau Apollo perfectly matched the modern simplistic stones that were displayed throughout the venue. Small sample tiles and big slabs of stone were available so guests could experience the real product by feeling the textures and viewing the details each stone, quarts or marble piece held.

There were also sample images on one wall, displaying projects that have been all created with Cosentino quartz and stone. These consisted not just of kitchen benches and bathrooms, but also staircases, outdoor pavings and exterior walls; displaying the various concepts you can create with their product.

Cosentino General Manager, Ben Pinfield, was proud to launch the new colour ranges, presenting their thoughts for the new concrete colours and the new innovative technologies that transform their marble colours in the Dekton range.

“It’s quite exciting what we’ve got coming up over the next certainly twelve months.

“We are promoting six new Dekton colours and six new Silestone colours. The Silestone is also available in different finishes”, he said.

The Cosentino Australia team prides themselves in working with customers to help them achieve their housing dreams.

“What we are about as a company at Cosentino is having fun and working with people in partnerships.

“We’ve got a big team of people now; going back a couple of years it was me on my own, last year there was three of us and now we’ve got seven people. […] We’ve got a really, really great team that we can help provide a great service to you guys that we know you need”, Ben Pinfield said.

Cosentino is also in the process of planning to launch a new Adelaide warehouse in Wingfield in the coming future. So make sure to keep an eye out for what they have in store next.

You can view Cosentino’s new Dekton colour range here, or alternatively their Silestone colour range here.

Words by Cyndal King


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